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Almaty born writer Serebryanskiy wins Russian Award

 Yuriy Serebryanskiy. Photo from personal archives Yuriy Serebryanskiy. Photo from personal archives

Writer Yuriy Serebryanskiy has become the winner of the Russian Award for the second time, Tengrinews reports.

Gdansk-based writer Serebryanskiy was born in Almaty. He graduated from the Kazakh National State University with a major in chemistry and ecology. At the Russian Award, Serebryanskiy represented Poland. In 2010, he won the Russian Award with his Destination short story.

The jury of the Russian Award received literary works in Russian from 115 writers and poets living in 45 countries. A number of Kazakhstani authors were long listed for the Russian Award. Unfortunately, none of them made the short list of the literary competition. The winners of each nomination received $3000 (150 thousand rubles).

This year, the talented writer won the award in the Flash Fiction category with Prazhaki, a collection of short stories. Serebryanskiy's crisp prose, almost in a photographic manner, captures the moments in lives of city dwellers in Prague with aesthetic precision and a hint of mystery.    

Photo © Yevgeniy Gurko / OpenSpace.ru

Estonian poet Jaan Kaplinski won the award in the Poetry category with his poetry book Beliye Babochki Nochi (White Butterflies of the Night). The second place in the Poetry category was awarded to the Shymkent born poet living in the USA Bakhyt Kenzheyev, an ethnic Kazakh.

Alexey Makushinskiy from Germany won the Extended Prose category with the novel Parahod v Argentinu (Steamship to Argentina).

Last year, Kazakhstani writer Ilya Odegov won the Russian Award with his short story collection Timur I Ego Leto (Timur and his summer).

The International Literary Award was established in 2005 to promote Russian language as a unique cultural heritage and support writers working with Russian language. The Russian Award has three categories: Extended Prose, Flash Fiction and Poetry.

By Gyuzel Kamalova