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Organizers of Zhanaozen clashes identified 21 декабря 2011, 13:51

Organizers of Zhanaozen clashes have been identified.
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Consequences of Zhanaozen clashes. Photo by Maksim Popov© Consequences of Zhanaozen clashes. Photo by Maksim Popov©
Organizers of Zhanaozen clashes were identified, Kazakhstan Today writes. “According to preliminary data (we cannot yet talk about it for the investigation purpose), police has already identified the persons who organized and instigated people to illegal actions, including setting the buildings on fire,” deputy General Prosecutor Nurmakhan Issayev said at the government commission meeting. He added that the investigation had confirming videos. The investigators will be constantly reporting on their progress through the media, Issayev stressed. Besides, on December 20 General Prosecution office stated that Molotov Cocktails were found at the attic floors and in the cellars of Zhanaozen residential buildings. “Over 90 buildings were checked, cans with flammable liquid were found in some of them. This is the mixture of petrol with diesel fuel, known as Molotov Cocktail,” official representative Nurdaulet Suindikov said. 38 people were brought to liability, 10 people were apprehended in suspicion of crimes in the period from December 16 to 20. 8 of them were arrested on Clashes and Pillage charges. Clashes in Zhanaozen happened during celebration of the Independence Day on December 16. The next day a large group of people blocked the railroad in Shetpe village of Mangistau oblast and set flames to a locomotive to support Zhanaozen riots. 1 person died and 10 were injured in Shetpe.
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