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21.07.2016 15:11 People
Not all jihadists are psychopaths, and not all psychopaths turn violent.
19.07.2016 17:51 Unrest
Security forces in Kazakhstan arrested two men suspected of gunning down five people in attacks on a police station in Almaty.
28.03.2016 16:54 Unrest
Israel advised its citizens to leave Turkey citing the potential for jihadist attacks.
30.11.2015 15:51 Unrest
Turkey on Monday sent back to Russia the corpse of a pilot killed when his plane was shot down by the Turkish air force for allegedly violating its air space on the Syrian border.
30.11.2015 10:25 Unrest
Clashes broke out between hundreds of asylum seekers at a shelter in Berlin, in the second mass brawl to erupt over the weekend in Germany's crowded migrant accommodations.
23.11.2015 11:43 Unrest
More than 1,000 people marched through the streets of Madrid calling for official recognition of crimes committed during the era of dictator Francisco Franco, 40 years after his death.
21.11.2015 14:00 Unrest
Special forces stormed a luxury hotel in Mali after gunmen seized guests and staff in a hostage crisis that left at least 18 people dead, a week after the jihadist rampage in Paris.
17.11.2015 16:00 Disasters
Russia's President Vladimir Putin vowed vengeance after Moscow confirmed that a bomb attack brought down a passenger jet over Egypt last month, killing all 224 people on board.
16.11.2015 16:16 Unrest
British security services have foiled around seven terror attacks since June with fighters returning from Syria posing a growing threat.
12.11.2015 13:37 Unrest
Tens of thousands of protesters poured into Warsaw's streets for a demonstration organised by the far-right, marching under the slogan "Poland for the Polish" and burning an EU flag.
10.11.2015 17:38 Unrest
The shy children from a dog-eared photograph found in the pocket of a migrant drowned off Italy may never know what happened to the man who might have been their father.
09.11.2015 15:25 Unrest
Romania's president appealed for protesters' support in reforming the country, as the death toll rose to 45 from a horrific nightclub fire that brought down the government
09.11.2015 11:30 Politics
Britain will push for higher security at foreign airports in risky areas even if it means extra delays for passengers, foreign minister Philip Hammond said.
07.11.2015 16:49 Unrest
Nearly 80,000 Russians are currently vacationing in Egypt but there will be no emergency evacuation, with tourists set to return home when they want, an official told AFP.
07.11.2015 15:17 Unrest
Condemning racism and police heavy-handedness, thousands of people attended a "march of dignity" rally in Paris to mark a decade since the deaths of two youths sparked nationwide riots.
06.11.2015 12:53 Unrest
Activists set a police car alight and scuffled with riot police in central London as thousands took part in a "Million Mask March" anti-capitalist demonstration night.
05.11.2015 15:15 Politics
Romania's embattled Prime Minister Victor Ponta resigned, after a deadly nightclub blaze prompted mass demonstrations, but his move failed to stop tens of thousands from taking to the streets for a second night.
03.11.2015 11:48 Unrest
Russia's air force has struck the area around the Islamic State-held ancient city of Palmyra, as Moscow pressed on with its bombing campaign in Syria.
29.10.2015 13:09 Unrest
Thousands of people protested against migrants in towns around the Czech Republic, a week after the UN slammed the country's treatment of new arrivals as "degrading".
28.10.2015 15:19 Politics
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition on a hospital run by the MSF medical charity in Yemen and called for an end to the fighting.
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