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British child pornographer Peter Baruch tried to kiss my 12yo daughter: victim's mother

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British child pornographer Peter Baruch tried to kiss my 12yo daughter: victim's mother

The case of Peter Baruch, a British oil contractor in Kazakhstan, who has been caught corrupting minors and making child pornography is gaining momentum. The mother of his victims has shared the details of the case with Tengrinews. It turns out that he was not only asking the girl to undress for photo sessions, but also tried to kiss her.

He was caught by the Kazakhstan police with 600 photos of naked girls in his computer. He tried to destroy the evidences when he saw the police coming, but failed.

12 y.o Tanya’s mother Maria said that it was her brother who suspected that there was something wrong going on with his niece. He saw that Tanya got a large sum of money and decided to look through her cellphone where he found a text messages from an unknown man and photos of naked girls. One of the girls on the photos was Tanya. The scared mother went to the police and filed a report, after that the law enforcement officers called at Peter Baruch’s.

It turned out, the man was luring girls by promising them a future in the modeling business. Fluent in Russian the “photographer” did not have any problems communicating with the girls and paid $60-100 per photo-shoot.

When 12 y.o. Tanya testified against him in court he admitted that she was telling the truth. However he denies he had any unlawful intentions when photographing the naked children.

His lawyer has succeeded in the first instance court in Uralsk. He filed a motion asking the judge to dump the evidences, because the police did not observe all the required procedure when seizing them. The judge granted the motion and ordered the police to return the passport to the British national. However the criminal case against him has not been dropped.

The public prosecution office has recognized the actions of the police during the search as lawful and has lodged a protest against the court decision and filed an appeal.

When the search recognized lawful and the evidences back in force things look bad for the foreign criminal, especially since the number of reports filed against Peter Baruch has reached six: the have been filed by parents of the girls both from Uraslk and three from Atyrau.

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