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Kazakh-bred diet potatoes: New healthy alternative

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Kazakh-bred diet potatoes: New healthy alternative

Kazakhstani plant breeders have produced a new type of potatoes. Vladimir Shvidchenko, Director of Astana-based Agrobiological Research Center of the Kazakh Argotechnical University told TengrinewsTV about the properties of the new product. The main difference between the new product and an ordinary potato is its dietary property.

The new diet potatoes have a peculiar color which depending on the breed can be red, blue or even purple. The diet potatoes have as much vitamins as beets, carrots and other useful vegetables.

For those who watch out for their waste lines and cannot afford to eat high calorie potatoes it's a great alternative. Mr. Shvidchenko said that eating the diet potatoes will not add you kilos, but will give you needed nutrients.

The new type of potatoes is produced through breeding of wild South American potatoes with other breeds that are better adapted to cold Kazakhstan winters.

The breeders have named the new diet potato – a low calorie potato. It has twice as much protein as the ordinary potatoes. The researches of the Kazakh Agrotechnical University are ready to grow diet potatoes rich with vitamins and antioxidants for mass consumption. Besides, some farmers have already ex[pressed interested in the new product.

The breeding out work is almost done, and it only remains to create a new brand for the new super-potato to start popularizing it.

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