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Astana airport comments SCAT landing problem

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Astana airport comments SCAT landing problem

SCAT airplane made an emergency landing in Astana airport on April 7. Its Boeing 737-500 was making a domestic flight from Shymkent to Astana and was supposed to land at 9:25 a.m., but instead the airport closed its runways for flights at 9:34 a.m., delayed 4 departing flights, sent off 3 incoming flights to Karaganda and started getting ready to receive an emergency landing because the pilot reported a problem with nose landing gear.

The airport's personnel covered the runway with foam to reduce the risk of fire during landing while the plane was circling in the sky burning the remaining fuel for the same purpose. The airport remained closed and in emergency mode until 10:57 when the airplane finally landed safely.

There were 5 crewmembers and 89 passengers onboard the Boeing. None of the passengers were hurt. The plane was not damaged either. But the company will most likely face a fine for creating an emergency situation.

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