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©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan to start using new flu vaccine in 2014 A new highly effective flu vaccine will be used in Kazakhstan starting from next year.
28 февраля 2013
©REUTERS Study boosts link between flu vaccine, sleep disorder A study in England has strengthened evidence from Scandinavia that a vaccine used to prevent pandemic flu boosted the risk of sleep disorder among teens and children.
27 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to produce flu and TB vaccines The Science Fund will start constructing a biopharmaceutical plant for production of biological products under the GMP standard: expert.
18 февраля 2013
©RIA Novosti Vaccines ready for 50 million in Africa's 'Meningitis Belt' A huge vaccination campaign to protect 50 million people against meningitis has been launched in seven African countries.
05 октября 2012
Swine flu vaccine linked to child narcolepsy: EU watchdog A swine flu vaccine used in 2009-10 is linked to a higher risk of the sleeping disorder narcolepsy in children and teens in Sweden and Finland.
22 сентября 2012
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan purchased 800 thousand doses of flu vaccine Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry is launching a large scale immunization campaign against influenza on October 1.
17 сентября 2012
©REUTERS/Sergio Moraes Dengue fever: Vaccine trial raises a muted cheer A prototype vaccine for dengue notched up the best success yet against the disease but failed to protect against all its viral strains.
11 сентября 2012
Transgenic carrots. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan National Biotechnologies Center Kazakhstan genetics bred TBC-preventing carrots Kazakhstan scientists managed to inject TBC germ into a root crop and create an edible vaccine.
07 августа 2012
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan to start producing swine flu vaccines in 2015 Mass production of the first Kazakhstan seasonal flu vaccines and swine and bird flu vaccines is to start in 2015.
12 апреля 2012
©RIA Novosti Flu epidemy expected in Kazakhstan in December Kazakhstan expects to be hit by a surge of ARVI diseases in October and flu epidemy in December.
28 сентября 2011
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