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Kazakhstan to produce flu and TB vaccines 18 февраля 2013, 10:49

The Science Fund will start constructing a biopharmaceutical plant for production of biological products under the GMP standard: expert.
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Photo courtesy of tengrinews.kz Photo courtesy of tengrinews.kz
Kazakhstan will start producing flu and TB vaccines, Tengrinews.kz reports citing chairman of the Science Fund Kuatzhan Ualiyev. “The Science Fund will start implementing a project to construct a biopharmaceutical plant for production of biological products under the GMP standard (international Goods Manufacturing Practices quality standards) in Gvardeiskiy village of Almaty oblast. The project's capacity will make 10 million doses a year. The plant will produce medical vaccines for flu, poliomyelitis, TB and brucellosis, as well as vaccines of veterinary purpose,” Kuatzhan Ualiyev said. According to him, a series of consultations with international and Kazakhstan experts, including the World Health Organization were held as part of the project. The project's feasibility study has already been approved. The statement was received on January 10. The financing issues are currently being resolved. According to Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science, the project’s cost will make 9.5 billion tenge ($63 million) and the equipment for the new plant will be supplied from Switzerland. “Veterinary vaccines are currently produced by small private companies in different ends of Kazakhstan and there is no big production of such vaccines yet. Medical vaccines for pandemic flu are not yet produced in Kazakhstan. They are being developed by scientists of the Biological Security Institute in Gvardeiskiy village of Almaty oblast. This institute has been working on this for a long time and has recently received a patent for development of such vaccines. In the nearest time if everything goes as per plan, we will be able to start constructing the plant. It will be located at the territory of the Biological Security Institute in the same village,” Kuatzhan Ualiyev said. The Chairman noted that preparation of the design and estimate documents will take around 6 months and the construction works will start by the end of 2013. By Shynar Ospanova

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