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Kazakhstan to start producing swine flu vaccines in 2015 12 апреля 2012, 16:11

Mass production of the first Kazakhstan seasonal flu vaccines and swine and bird flu vaccines is to start in 2015.
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Mass production of the first Kazakhstan seasonal flu vaccines and, in case of epidemics, swine and bird flu vaccines is to start in 2015, deputy Director General of the scientific-research institute on biological safety Berik Khairullin told Tengrinews.kz. Currently Kazakhstan-made swine and bird flu vaccines are being registered in Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry. Clinical tests of the new medicines were held in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow; the vaccines were tested on over 400 volunteers. According to Khairullin, no side effects were discovered and the vaccines comply with the international standards. He added that the tests were intentionally held abroad, so that this Kazakhstan's innovation gets global recognition. The expert noted that the mass production of vaccine in Kazakhstan requires a separate plant. It is planned to construct the plant in Zhambyl oblast starting from 2014. According to Khairullin, Kazakhstan-made medicine will be no worse that their foreign equivalents in terms of price and quality. He added that the cost for construction of the plant complying with the international standard GMP will be paid back in 3-4 years. “Only 6 countries produce flu vaccines complying with the GMP standard. When epidemics start, these countries (Germany, England and the U.S.) cover their local needs first. And who will think of Kazakhstan? This is the issue of national security: each country has to be able to protect itself from any natural pathogen,” Khairullin said. He added that the developers are planning to enter international markets with Kazakhstan-made vaccine. According to him, several countries are interested in the medicine. Besides, the Institute won the tender of the World Health Organization in 2011 in Switzerland for development of the seasonal flu vaccine. At this stage Kazakhstan has to buy vaccine abroad. The technology for production of seasonal flu vaccine in Kazakhstan will be developed in 2012 and pre-clinic tests will be held at the same time. Clinical tests are scheduled for 2013-2014.

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