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25.01.2016 16:53 Emergencies
A man has been killed in an explosion of a petrol truck in Atyrau in Kazakhstan's west.
30.09.2014 12:13 Companies
Toyota said it was recalling about 690,000 Tacoma pickup trucks in the United States to fix a suspension system flaw that could result in vehicle fires.
05.07.2014 13:40 Crime
The theft of a vehicle in Mexico containing a potentially deadly radioactive material briefly raised alarm -- but the container was found with no leak or harm to the population.
22.05.2014 13:29 Crime
A truck driver caused traffic chaos in Melbourne Thursday by speeding the wrong way down a freeway with what was feared to be an explosive device strapped to his head, police said.
20.05.2014 20:24 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is banning heavy trucks from national highways during daytime in summer to save the road-surface.
04.05.2014 12:04 Emergencies
A truck filled with food and street vendors overturned Saturday in Haiti, killing 23 people and wounding two dozen others.
12.04.2014 14:31 Emergencies
A delivery truck ploughed into a bus carrying American students in northern California, killing ten people and injuring at least 30, the California Highway Patrol said.
28.03.2014 02:09 Emergencies
A horrible car accident happened near Atyrau in western Kazakhstan. The site resembled a battlefield even though no people were killed.
14.01.2014 15:06 Auto
General Motors' Chevrolet unit swept car and truck of the year honors but Ford's use of aluminum in its F150 sparked new debate on the first day of the Detroit auto show Monday.
10.01.2014 19:09 Sport
Kazakhstan's truck crew of Arthur Ardavichus, Alexey Nikizhev and Radim Kaplanek finished the 5th stage of Dakar rally in the 4th place.
06.01.2014 16:01 Sport
Four Astana Motorsports crews from Astana Presidential Sports Club have started the Dakar Rally 2014, the annual off-road race.
18.11.2013 16:08 Emergencies
The MAN oil tank truck driver told his story of the accident of the oil tank truck and the petroleum tank train near Aktau that caused an explosion, fire and human victims.
29.10.2013 16:35 Unrest
One person was injured and 90 detained while trucks and buses were torched in Sao Paulo late Monday in renewed violence after police fatally shot a 17-year-old boy.
29.07.2013 16:27 Emergencies
Helios company is dealing with the consequences of the petrol tank lorry flaring accident in Almaty.
11.07.2013 20:37 Emergencies
Director of Helios Konstantin Sviridov told about the criteria for disposal of petrol tank trucks in the company.
03.07.2013 14:08 Emergencies
Damages to owners of the cars that burnt in the petrol truck accident in Almaty have been evaluated.
02.07.2013 00:40 Emergencies
Almaty Akim has promised to apply for a postmortem award for Aleksandr Goryunov, if the tests confirm that the driver is not guilty of the tank truck accident in Almaty.
02.07.2013 00:22 Emergencies
A funeral of the flaring fuel tank truck driver Aleksandr Goryunov was held in Baisserke village of Almaty oblast on June 28.
01.07.2013 15:01 Emergencies
A minute of silence was observed in tribute to the memory of the 27-y.o. tank truck driver Aleksandr Goryunov at the press-conference on the accident in Almaty.
01.07.2013 14:42 Emergencies
Deputy head of the Fire-Fighting Service of Almaty Emergency Situations Department has evaluated the fire-fightering operation at the petrol tank truck explosion site in Almaty.
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