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Funeral of flaring petrol truck driver held in Almaty 02 июля 2013, 00:22

A funeral of the flaring fuel tank truck driver Aleksandr Goryunov was held in Baisserke village of Almaty oblast on June 28.
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Photo by Daniyar Bozov© Photo by Daniyar Bozov©
A funeral was held for the Helios flaring fuel tank truck driver Aleksandr Goryunov in Baisserke village near Almaty on June 28, Channel 7 reports. Helios company undertook all the funeral expenses. 27-y.o. Aleksandr was the only son of his parents. He had two children: a 6-y.o. Alina and a 3-y.o. Mariya. The funeral was attended by his family, colleagues, friends and neighbors. The driver’s mother is bearing her loss very heavily, a doctor has spent two days at her side. His father Mikhail Kurnossov said that their son loved driving. “He did the right thing, he saved people. He made his choice to smash into a tree!” he said. Many of those who gathered for the funeral were outraged with the version that the truck driver could be driving drunk. “I have never seen him drunk. He was very responsible and had no bad habits. Anyone can confirm this,” the neighbor Maria Tkachenko said. “He was a very careful driver. He never sped and following all the traffic rules,” his colleague Vitaliy Bakunin said. “He chose this job to be able to raise the children. He loved his wife and they lived well,” his mother-in-law Marina Vereschagina said. Goryunov got the job with Helios not long ago. He did not even get his first salary at the new job. According to his family, that day Aleksandr was driving someone else's car, as his lorry was under repairs. Aleksandr Goryunov died in the morning of June 27 in the petrol tank lorry that flared after a accident at the crossing of Seifullin and Kabanbai Batyr streets. The truck flipped over and caught fire that moved on to a residential building and several other cars. According to the witnesses, Aleksander shouted for help right after the accident. People who were nearby run up to him and tried to help him out of the car, but couldn't because his door got stuck. Several dozens of seconds later the petrol flared and the people had to step away. The driver was the only victim in of this huge petrol fed fire. According to Director General of Helios Konstantin Sviridov, Aleksandr made a brave deed. He sacrificed his life to save many people by steering his car away from buses and other traffic to the roadside and into a tree.

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