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Driver of burning petrol truck named a hero 01 июля 2013, 15:01

A minute of silence was observed in tribute to the memory of the 27-y.o. tank truck driver Aleksandr Goryunov at the press-conference on the accident in Almaty.
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A burning lorry. ©REUTERS A burning lorry. ©REUTERS
A minute of silence was observed in tribute to the memory of the 27-y.o. tank truck driver Aleksandr Goryunov at the press-conference in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports Deputy Akim (Major) of Almaty Yuriy Ilyin said that the driver saved many people at the cost of his own life. “Based on the videos from the surveillance cameras and dash cameras, we believe that the driver made a brave deed, whatever the results of the technical check will be. He sacrificed his life to avoid any more victims in this situation,” Ilyin said. According to him, the video show that the driver of the truck was trying to avoid the accidents with public transport and other big cars. “Realizing that the accident at Seifullin and Kabanbay batyr streets was imminent, he took the only right decision: he turned to the road side. As a result the truck flipped over and flared. The driver sacrificed his life to save many people. That’s why I suggest to observe a minute of silence in tribute to his memory,” deputy Akim of Almaty said. Director General of Helios company Konstantin Sviridov said that the truck was driving alone its route from the base in Utegen Batyr village to the city center on Eastern Bypass Road. The truck was supposed to reach Seifullin street from Al-Farabi street and drive down the street to Abay street. Turning there, it was supposed to go up Seifullin street and reach the petrol station near Satpayev street. However, according the truck's GPS, the truck did not make the turn at the crossing of Abay and Seifullin streets, but kept driving straight at 34 km/h. “Why did that happen? We still have no answer to that. What could have cause it? Something happened with the driver. All we have is versions now. We can see that before the truck flared the driver was driving properly and acting bravely,” Sviridov said. According to him, the truck was checked by mechanics and allowed on the route on the day of the accident. The truck passed a maintenance in May 2013 and received a special permit for transportation of hazardous cargoes. The technical check is currently underway to define the causes of the accident. Video by ©youtube.com/user/MrForce84
The petrol tank lorry flared near Rixos hotel in Almaty at the crossing of Seifullin and Kabanbay Batyr streets after crashing into an offroader on June 27. The truck’s driver died at the accident site because his door got jammed and he could not get out of the trгck before the petrol inflamed. The fire moved on to the RealSport sports shop, and #138 Kabanbay Batyr residential building. According to the rescuers, 40 people were evacuated from the building. No casualties were reported. By Vladimir Prokopenko

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