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Kazakhstan's Ardavichus finishes 4th at Dakar's 5th stage 10 января 2014, 19:09

Kazakhstan's truck crew of Arthur Ardavichus, Alexey Nikizhev and Radim Kaplanek finished the 5th stage of Dakar rally in the 4th place.
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Photo courtesy of press-service of the Astana Motorsports Photo courtesy of press-service of the Astana Motorsports
Kazakhstan's truck crew of pilot Arthur Ardavichus, navigator Alexey Nikizhev and mechanic Radim Kaplanek has finished the fifth stage of the most extreme marathon rally Dakar in the 4th place, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz. The Dakar 2012 bronze winner from Kazakhstan driving Tatra vehicle # 542, covered the distance from Chilecito to Tucuman, with a 527-kilometer special section, in 5 hours 8 minutes and 49 seconds and moved from the 32nd place right up to the 25th place in the general ranking. "We are moving at a good high pace; the vehicle’s technical condition is completely sound; the crew works as a team. Engineers did a serious work on our truck during the night and today the vehicle has proved itself to the fullest during the race. We are very pleased with our results," Arthur Ardavichus said. "It was a successful day for us today, without any surprises, such as breakdowns. We did our best to avoid navigation mistakes and completed the stage pretty well," navigator Alexey Nikizhev added. Russian Kamaz Master crew of Dmitry Sotnikov, Vyatcheslav Misyukayev and Andreiy Aferin won the fifth stage; they finished the distance in 4:47:46. Andrey Karginov's truch crew, their teammates, finished the stage in the 2nd place, 56 seconds behind the winner. The leader of the truck overall Dutch Jerard De Rooy driving an Iveco truck finished the stage in the 3rd place. De Rooy has been retaining the leadership in the race for several stages already and is 32 minutes ahead of his closest rival Karginov from Russia. Ardavichus's crew is more than 9 hours behind the Dutch racer. Kazakhstan's car crew of Rakhimbayev and Demyanenko remained in the overall Top 20 after the fifth stage of Dakar. The crew on Proto Overdrive #342 finished the fifth stage in the 16th place and got the 14th place in the general ranking of the race. After the race Rakhimbayev shared that the route was sandy and hot and had one navigation complication: one of the checkpoints was very hard to locate. Missing one checkpoint results in a time penalty for a crew. Missing two checkpoints means withdrawal. We saw a dozen of cars driving around a riverbed like scalded cats in search of that checkpoint amid clouds of dust and it panic! Ever legendary racers could not find it and this reshuffled the rankings a great deal. Gordon came 19th and got 1 penalty hour, Аl-Attiyah came 20th, also with 1 hour of penalty. Dakar legend Sainz Carlos spent a whole hour looking for the checkpoint, but never found it, got a hour of penalty and came 26th! Dramatic changes! People are all walking around the camp shaking their heads and saying 'This is what Dakar is like'." The other Kazakhstan's off-road crew of Denis Berezovsky and Ignat Falkov (#413) completed the fifth stage in the the 41st place and moved up to the 40th line in the overall. The sixth stage of rally Dakar 2014 is taking place on January 10 from Tucuman to Salta in Argentina. The length of the special section is 694km for cars and 550km for trucks.

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