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Kazakhstan is spam-leader in Central Asia 27 апреля 2011, 17:56

Kazakhstan is still the leader among Central Asian countries by the amount of generated spam, according to Kaspersky Laboratory's March report.
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In March Kazakhstan is again the leader among Central Asian countries by the amount of generated spam. The rate decreased 0.85 percent in comparison to February, 2011. Kazakhstan is responsible for 92.36 percent of unsolicited correspondence in the region, Kaspersky Laboratory news service reports. Kazakhstan's share in global spamming has grown to 1.11 percent. Now Kazakhstan is 23rd in the global list. In February Kazakhstan ranked 26th. Uzbekistan is in the second place in Central Asia. It is responsible for 3.63 percent of Central Asian spam; this is 0.24 percent less than a month earlier. Uzbekistan's part is global spamming amounts to only 0.04 percent (104th place). Kyrgyzstan is in the third place by spamming in Central Asian leaders. It is responsible for 2.58 percent of Central Asia's spam. Its spamming intensified in March by 0.9 percent compared to the previous month. Kyrgyzstan is in the 113th place (earlier it ranked 125th) in global rating. India (11.42 percent of world spam) is the global spam leader. Brazil is second with 6.6 percent and Russia is third with 4.8 percent.

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