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16.07.2015 17:49 Industry, Infrastructure
A solar power plant SunPower Oasis C-7 has been presented in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.
27.03.2015 00:19 Politics
Japan has officially confirmed participation in the upcoming EXPO-2017 in Astana.
20.03.2015 23:52 Science, Technologies
A Kazakh British University student Yernur Bakhtiyaruly has developed a flexible polymer-based solar array.
09.02.2015 14:36 Industry, Infrastructure
A solar power plant will be built in Aktau in western Kazakhstan.
29.01.2015 23:19 Environment
The environmental requirements for thermal power plants in Kazakhstan are two or three times lower than in Europe.
26.01.2015 21:49 Industry, Infrastructure
Foreign investors will build a solar energy plant in Akmola Oblast in northern Kazakhstan for the upcoming EXPO-2017.
22.12.2014 13:53 Politics
Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs has arrived in Kazakhstan to discuss cooperation with the Kazakh side in developing solar energy.
09.11.2014 15:43 Science, Technologies
Physicists from Kazakhstan say their new research may result in technologies more efficient than solar panels.
28.10.2014 13:42 Industry, Infrastructure
A $70 million solar power plant will be built in Astana for the upcoming EXPO-2017.
16.09.2014 00:31 Industry, Infrastructure
A new $550 million-worth wind power plant will be constructed in Zhambyl Oblast
23.06.2014 18:54 Markets
The group of Kazakhstani companies of KazPV project (Astana Solar, Kazakhstan Solar Silicon and KazSilicon) together with American Clean Power Innovation have signed a memorandum with Qatar Solar Energy to supply silicon and plates for solar panels.
16.06.2014 12:49 Markets
The Government of Kazakhstan will subsidize 50% of expenses to stimulate remote households to install renewable energy sources-based generators.
12.06.2014 20:13 Science, Technologies
It is not easy for an Iranian to visit America. With no US embassy in Tehran since 1979, obtaining a visa usually requires two costly trips to Dubai or Turkey.
12.05.2014 00:53 Environment
"The sun could be yours," the Spanish government promised in 2007, encouraging citizens to invest in solar power. Many who did now wish they could give it back.
10.04.2014 15:26 Laws, Initiatives
Tariffs for renewable energy sources (RES) in Kazakhstan will be approved for 15 years.
05.03.2014 15:24 Companies
Facebook is in talks to buy a solar-powered drone startup in what could lead to making wireless Internet available in regions without online access.
27.02.2014 10:02 Industry, Infrastructure
On the roof of Gaza City's children's hospital, a pristine row of solar panels gleams in the sunlight, an out-of-place symbol of modern, clean energy in the impoverished Strip.
03.01.2014 13:35 Auto
Ford announced plans Thursday for a prototype hybrid car that uses solar energy from a rooftop charger, reducing gas use and avoiding the need for plugging into the electric grid.
28.11.2013 12:22 Industry, Infrastructure
Astana-based plant has produced 2 billion tenge ($13 million) worth of solar batteries.
16.08.2013 18:09 Environment
The White House is going green. Solar panels are being installed on parts of the residence, a US official said Thursday -- making good on a pledge that dates back to 2010.
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