$169 million solar power plant to be constructed in Kazakhstan

26 января 2015, 21:49
Photo courtesy of the press service of the region's Governor.
Photo courtesy of the press service of the region's Governor.

Foreign investors are going to build a solar energy plant in Akmola Oblast in northern Kazakhstan for the upcoming EXPO-2017 to be held in Astana, Tengrinews reports citing the press service of the region's Governor.

Several investment projects for generation of power from renewable energy sources were presented to the Governor of Akmola Oblast Sergei Kulagin late last week.

One of the projects presented at the meeting was a 300MW wind power plant worth 73 billion tenge (around $397 million) developed by Chinese IntegralCentralAsia company.

Another was a project developed by German KB Enterprises company - a solar power plant in Arshalyn district of Akmola Oblast. According to the head of the company Taylan Karamanli, the implementation of the project is scheduled for 2015-2016 to have it ready before the EXPO to be held in Astana in 2017.

According to the investors, the 100 MW plant will be able to supply the entire Astana with power. The total cost of the project is 150 million euros ($168.5 million). It will be covered by KB Enterprises.

The solar power plant is expected to create 20 permanent jobs, and around 60 jobs during the construction period.

The region’s Governor supported the project. However, he said that before starting the project, it was necessary to find a market for the energy generated by the plant. 

To implement this project, the foreign investors need a land plot of 300 hectares in Arshalyn district. But being a foreign company they will only be able to get a long-term lease of the land in Kazakhstan.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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