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Bolashak eduction scholarship is available in 5 categories in Kazakhstan 18 апреля 2012, 10:44

Bolashak eduction scholarship is available in 5 categories for Kazakhstan citizens, Asset Abdualiyev, Vice-president of Center for International Programs said.
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Students are making their home assignment. ©Danial Okassov Students are making their home assignment. ©Danial Okassov
Bolashak eduction scholarship is available in 5 categories for Kazakhstan citizens, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Asset Abdualiyev, Vice-president of the Center for International Programs. "The scholarship is now available for five categories of applicants. The first category includes the applicants that successfully enter universities on their own. I.e. those who already hold an invitation letter from a foreign university at time they apply for the scholarship. Earlier any graduate of Kazakh universities could apply under this category, but now we have added the requirement for a two-year work experience," Vice-president of the Center said. Asset Abdualiyev explained that long-term practice showed that applicants with work experience in Kazakhstan were more prepared to study abroad, both morally and professionally. Besides it was easier for them to find a job compared to those who had had no previous work experience. Conditions for applicants with experience in civil service have been simplified. Especially for those who have two years of work experience including the last twelve months before the application as a state employee. Earlier three years of continuous state employment was required to qualify under this category. "But to staff the state service with more highly skilled professionals we have lowered our requirements to work experience for the category,’ Asset Abdualiyev explained. According to the Center for International Programs, the third category is for teachers and institute staff getting master's degrees. Their work experience should be at least one year. Besides, requirements in the separate category for graduates wishing to teach in their universities have also been simplified. "They can go abroad for a master's degree, but then they have to work as a teacher or research fellow or at a similar position for five years,’ Asset Abdualiyev explained details. The categories for research, pedagogical, medical, engineering and technical internships has also been broadened. This year medical, engineering and technical staff can get the scholarship. To apply for this category a person must have three years of continuous work experience. It should be mentioned, that budget for Bolashak scholarship this year is 15 billion tenge ($ 200 million). Quantity of scholars will be defined on April 11 at the commission's session. According to the Center for International Programs, beginning from 1993 8 thousand 131 people have got the scholarship. More than four and a half thousand students successfully graduated from the program. Bolashak International Scholarship is awarded to high-performing students from Kazakhstan to study overseas all-expenses paid, provided that they return to Kazakhstan to work for at least five years after graduation. Most of these students travel to study in the United States, but some travel elsewhere around the world.

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