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Child's development card introduced in Kazakhstan by UNICEF and Ministry of Health 14 июля 2014, 22:17

Kazakhstani Ministry of Health in cooperation with UNICEF introduced an individual child development card.
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Photo courtesy of  volgmed.ru Photo courtesy of volgmed.ru

The Ministry of Health in cooperation with UNICEF have introduced an individual child development cards in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews reports citing the press office of the Ministry.

“Following the recommendations of the WHO and UNICEF, the Ministry of Healthcare of Kazakhstan introduces individual child development cards that in addition to providing recommendations for health professionals would be a place for parents to keep records of their infant’s development and growth. The child development cards for the age of 0 to 5 years will be distributed through maternity homes. The card is a family guidebook of child’s development. It is planned to ensure that every mother has this guidebook,” the Health Ministry said.

With the help of the individual child development cards, the Ministry aims is to raise awareness of families about children's health and encourage them to keep records of their children’s growth, development and health. In addition, the card provides accessible information on breastfeeding, massage, gymnastics and other things that affect psychical and physical development of children.

The card will be kept and filled out by parents in accordance with recommendations of their family doctors to help monitor children’s health, growth and development. It would help parents and health workers easily identify problems in children's development on early stages.

“The recommendations would help you bring up health babies,” the Ministry tells the population.

In 2013, the Ministry and UNICEF created and distributed Kuan Sabi (Happy Child) guidebook among pregnant women to raise awareness of parents about child health.

By Gyuzel Kamalova


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