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Pregnancy tests with 100% accurate positive results 06 августа 2014, 12:59

100% positive pregnancy tests are now available in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of www.babymed.com Photo courtesy of www.babymed.com

100% accurate pregnancy tests are now sold in Kazakhstan's Ust-Kamenogorsk. What is the catch? Well, the pregnancy tests give 100% positive results only. The prank tests became popular not only among women, but also among men, Tengrinews reports citing YK-news.kz.

A so-called “ticket into motherhood” can be purchased online for less than $10. “Positive pregnancy tests, cheap and and with free delivery. Give us a shout, ladies!” the ad says. According to the sales manager Anastasiya Parkhomenko, the idea is not new, but she was the first one to start international sales. Parkhomenko is based is Russia, but delivers positive pregnancy tests anywhere in the world. She added that the test were very popular among Kazakhsanis. Some even buy 5 or 10 at a time.

“There are various reasons to purchase (a positive pregnancy test). It could be a funmy joke for Fool’s Day or a test of a partner’s loyalty. (…) We do not intend to break families or question someone’s feelings, it is just a joke,” Pakhomenko said.

The pregnancy tests are real, but have two lines applied with a special substance.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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