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One third of Kazakhstan residents play computer games at work 30 ноября 2011, 11:21

Almost one third of Kazakhstan employees spend their working time playing computer games.
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©REUTERS/Athar Hussain ©REUTERS/Athar Hussain
Almost one third of Kazakhstan employees spend their working time playing computer games, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the website of HeadHunter research center. 31 percent of respondents reply"Yes" to the question “Do you play computer games at work?” Over half of them are interested in simple games, that do not require good computer skills, while the other half prefers difficult games. The most popular games among Kazakhstan employees are action games that include shooters, fightings and arcades. Two other thirds of the respondents do not waste their work time on computer games. Moreover, 35 percent of them realize that their colleagues are playing during work time. Regardless of the attitude to computer games, 80 percent of the respondents are not willing to spend lunch time playing games. But the remaining 20 percent are welcoming this option. According to HeadHunter, in 67% of cases, the management is not aware of the employees useing work time inappropriately. The majority of respondents are sure that should their managers find out about this hobby, they would make them a warning or even fine them. According to the research center, 30 percent of managers have guesses about the pastime of their employees, but do not pay much attention to it. 17 percent of managers regularly fine and punish employees for such violations of labor policy. The poll covered 3,873 people: 64 percent of them are man and 36 percent are women.

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