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21.09.2015 16:08 Politics
Chairman of Kazakhstan's National Bank Kairat Kelimbetov: pension funds are secure against inflation.
13.08.2015 18:01 Laws, Initiatives
Vice Minister of Health and Social Development explains the new provision in the pension legislation concerning five percent employer contributions.
11.08.2015 20:10 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan is moving forward with its new pension system. However, some are concerned it will mean lower revenues for the state budget and more money in the shadow economy.
06.08.2015 18:28 Politics
Kazakhstan is getting ready to implement a new pension system.
06.08.2015 13:14 Politics
Earlier Kazakhstani residents just withdrew their entire pension savings when moving to another country and managed the entire amount at their own discretion.
20.05.2015 15:26 Companies
Starting from next year, part of the assets will be managed by private companies (…) to develop the People’s IPO Program and take part in IPOs run by various companies. The National Bank will be responsible for investing into government securities: Central Bank Governor.
28.04.2015 00:24 Finance
Kazakhstan MP asks the National Bank why 90 billion tenge ($484 million) were written off from pension accounts.
01.04.2015 02:31 Finance
Single Pension Fund of Kazakhstan might soon allow its depositors to choose investment strategies.
10.01.2015 23:49 Finance
Securities of 22 companies held by the Single Pension Fund of Kazakhstan now cost four times less then their nominal value.
30.10.2014 13:15 Finance
Advisor to the governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan talks about pension fund losses as of September and the benefits of National Bank managing the Single Pension Fund.
29.10.2014 16:48 Finance
The National Bank of Kazakhstan has responded to the criticism of several members of the Kazakh Parliament, who claimed the Single Pension Fund was practicing risky investments that put the pensioneers' savings in danger.
28.10.2014 17:24 Finance
Kazakhstan MP of Ak Zhol faction voiced their serious concern over the investments the Single Pension Fund was practicing. In their opinion, these activities may lead to destabilization of the entire lending sector of Kazakhstan.
16.07.2014 01:26 Laws, Initiatives
The Concept of modernization of Kazakhstan’s pension system until 2030 has been approved.
16.06.2014 13:50 Finance
Kazakhstanis had over $21 billion in pension savings as of June 1, 2014.
13.05.2014 14:36 Finance
“I commission the National Bank and the Government to work out a strategy to invest the assets of the Pension Fund, including depositing the money with Kazakhstan-based banks for a long term”, President Nazarbayev said earlier.
11.04.2014 20:21 Finance
President also stressed that the National Bank should develop extra incentives to reduce dollarization of the banking sector.
31.03.2014 14:24 Finance
Altogether, there are 9.7 million accounts, with the overall savings amount standing at $21.3 billion.
20.03.2014 14:17 Finance
Ular Umit pension fund is completing the merger to be followed by the pension fund owned by Halyk Bank, the last to be merged with the newly-formed Single Pension Fund: the Fund’s Press Service.
14.03.2014 10:08 Finance
Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed the Government late January to merge all the pension funds into a single government-owned entity.
17.02.2014 12:36 Finance
Deputy Chairman of the JSC GNPF Accumulative Pension Fund Ruslan Erdenayev guaranteed the safety of the pension savings.
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