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09.08.2015 12:38 Politics
Baurzhan Baibek has been appointed the new Akim (Mayor) of Almaty. Former Almaty Mayor Akhtemzhan Yessimov was appointed to lead the Astana EXPO-2017 steering company.
16.07.2015 13:58 Politics
Serikbay Trumov has been appointed the new Akim (Mayor) of Aktau in western Kazakhstan.
06.05.2015 15:39 Politics
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed a decree appointing the Akims of Astana, Almaty and Oblasts.
12.01.2015 11:31 Sport
The Akimat of Almaty (municipal authorities) has unveiled the draft layout of the Olympic venues.
07.01.2015 18:18 Politics
Yermek Markzhikpayev has been appointed the new Mayor of Kokshetau city in northern Kazakhstan.
23.10.2014 15:54 Politics
High-profile transfer of Imangali Tasmagambetov from his job as Mayor of Astana to the Defense Ministry has made people wonder. Experts have shared their opinions with respect to geopolitical changes around Kazakhstan, internal dynamics within the Kazakh elite and personalities of the newly appointed officials.
22.10.2014 16:09 Politics
Adilbek Dzhaksybekov has been appointed Mayor of Kazakhstan’s capital Astana. He replaced Imangali Tasmagambetov as the capital’s Mayor.
14.10.2014 19:43 Industry, Infrastructure
KazGor Project Academy’s work has been chosen as the best design for the National Pantheon in Astana.
12.10.2014 14:26 Politics
Marat Tasmaganbetov has been appointed the new Akim (Mayor) of Petropavlovsk city in northern Kazakhstan.
19.07.2014 13:09 Politics
New York's mayor was forced to postpone a criticized family holiday in Italy following the death of a man wrestled to the ground by police officers.
12.07.2014 10:03 Strange News
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a new law creating an ID card for anyone who wants it, including illegal immigrants, amid a wider debate about immigrant rights.
11.07.2014 16:32 Politics
A new Akim (Mayor) of Karaganda city has been appointed.
07.07.2014 11:36 Science, Technologies
Oil recovery efficiency will be increased from the current 31% to 43% at oilfields in Mangistau Oblast through use of new technologies.
20.06.2014 18:36 Politics
Nurmukhambet Abdibekov has been appointed new Akim of Karaganda Oblast.
19.06.2014 18:18 Politics
New Akim (Mayor) of Atyrau has been appointed
09.06.2014 16:00 Politics
Zhomart Nurgaliyev has been appointed Akim (Mayor) of Kokshetau city, replacing Zharkyn Zhumagulov who resigned days before.
04.06.2014 10:23 People
Kazakhstani mountain climber Maksut Zhumayev has successfully started his solo climb of the North America’s highest mountain peak ‪Mount McKinley.
30.05.2014 15:15 Politics
Sergey Kulagin has been appointed the new Akim (Governor) of Akmola Oblast in northern Kazakhstan. He replaced Kosman Aitmukhametov.
28.05.2014 17:19 Politics
Yerik Sultanov has been appointed the new Akim (Mayor) of North Kazakhstan Oblast.
23.05.2014 14:06 Politics
President Barack Obama will announce Friday his plan to nominate Julian Castro, the charismatic Hispanic mayor of San Antonio, Texas, as US secretary of housing and urban development.
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