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Lethwei martial arts exponent Tun Tun Min listening to his trainer before his bout against his competitor , US national Cyrus "Black Dynamite" Washington, at the Thein Phyu boxing stadium in Yangon. © Foreigners drawn to Myanmar's bone-crunching kickboxing A roar erupted at the Yangon ring as the home champion ploughed a right hook into his American opponent's face, crumpling him to the canvas in the opening round of the bone-crunching kickboxing bout.
25 декабря 2015
Agonei Romero (right) Spanish MMA figher runs away from fight in Astana A MMA fighter from M-1 Challenge 48 Battle of Nomads took off and never showed up for the fight in Astana.
27 мая 2014
'The Grandmaster' dominates Hong Kong Film Awards Martial arts fantasy "The Grandmaster" enjoyed a bonanza Sunday with 12 wins at the Hong Kong Film Awards including best movie and best director for Wong Kar-wai.
14 апреля 2014
Jeff Monson. Photo a courtesy of Jeff Monson KOed by Kazakh MMA fighter in Almaty Kazakh mixed martial arts fighter Shakhmaral Dzhetpisov has KOed Jeff Monson.
25 марта 2014
Photo a courtesy of Sambo World Cup: Kazakhstan takes 2nd place Kazakhstan won the second place at the Sambo World Cup Stage among Men and Women for the Prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
28 января 2014
Baurzhan Kumiskaliyev. Photo courtesy of Karate: Atyrau karateka won Kyokushin Karate World Cup in Japan About 800 karateka from 17 countries participated in the Grand Prix series of kyokushin kaikan in Tokyo, Japan.
24 марта 2013
Dauren Mussa. © Kazakhstan rep elected to International Martial Arts Academy first time Dauren Mussa revived and popularized Kazaksha Tobeles in Kazakhstan and abroad.
03 марта 2013
Rasul Mirzayev is coming to Almaty. Photo courtesy of Mixed Martial Arts: Yestanov planned to fight Mirzayev several years ago: Askhat Yerbulatov Yestanov is now training for the fight against Russia's Rasul Mirzayev in the U.S. with his teammate Kairat Akhmetov.
27 февраля 2013
Yerzhan Yestanov. Photo courtesy of Mixed Martial Arts: Kazakhstan wrestler to fight Rassul Mirzayev Kazakhstan's Yerzhan Yestanov says that he expects a victory and hopes that his luck will not let him down.
23 января 2013
©Danial Okassov Attila won over American Bob Sapp Kazakhstan mixed martial arts wrestler Tolegen Akylbekov, nicknamed Attila has won over American Bob Sapp.
10 июня 2012
Yerbolat Baybatyrov. © KazTransOil Kazakhstan fighter won gold in World Sambo Super Cup in Moscow Yerbolat Baybatyrov, Kazakhstan sambo fighter has won a gold medal in Moscow Sambo Super Cup.
09 апреля 2012
Dauren Mussa. Photo courtesy of Eurasia Cinema Festival Kazakhstan filmmaker awarded with Sports Oscar Dauren Mussa, Khazar Pictures General producer, has been awarded with Martial Arts prize from the Academy Awards of Martial Arts.
20 февраля 2012
MMA fighter. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to host Mixed Martial Arts World Cup in 2012 Kazakhstan will host Mixed Martial Arts World Cup in 2012.
12 декабря 2011
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