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Sambo World Cup: Kazakhstan takes 2nd place 28 января 2014, 19:22

Kazakhstan won the second place at the Sambo World Cup Stage among Men and Women for the Prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Photo a courtesy of Vesti.kz Photo a courtesy of Vesti.kz
Kazakhstan won the second place at the Sambo World Cup Stage in Almaty from January 24-27, reports Tengrinews citing Vesti.kz. Beimbet Kanshanov (-52 kg), Yerbolat Baibaturov (-57 kg), Arman Ospanov (-68 kg), Bagdat Zarulgasov (-62 kg) and Asylbek Alkey (-74 kg) brought gold medals to the Kazakhstan Sambo Team in sport sambo. Gaukhar Turnakhanova (-52 kg) added another gold medal to the record of the team. As a result, Kazakhstan's team won the second place overall with 6 gold medals. Russians were celebrating their victory with 11 gold medals - they won in 11 weigh categories out of 22. Belarus got the third place with two gold medals. Yerbolat Baibaturov of the Kazakhstan team was named The Best Athlete of the Championship and won a Hyundai Accent car. His teammate Arman Ospanov won The Best Techniques prize worth $3000 from the Kazakhstan Sambo Federation. Russian athlete Sergey Kiryuhin won in the Will to Win Spirit category. Andrey Kozlyusyonok from Belarus was named The Discovery of the Championship. Sambo is a relatively young Russian martial arts that was invented to improve hand-to-hand combat abilities of the Soviet Army. It has its roots in Japanese judo. Sambo acronym is translated from Russian as “self-defense without weapons”.
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