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Mixed Martial Arts: Yestanov planned to fight Mirzayev several years ago: Askhat Yerbulatov 27 февраля 2013, 19:09

Yestanov is now training for the fight against Russia's Rasul Mirzayev in the U.S. with his teammate Kairat Akhmetov.
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Rasul Mirzayev is coming to Almaty. Photo courtesy of vtabloid.com Rasul Mirzayev is coming to Almaty. Photo courtesy of vtabloid.com
Askhat Yerbulatov, Alash Pride fighting club director, gave an interview to Vesti.kz and told about the forthcoming fight of Kazakhstan wrestler Yershan Yestanov against Rasul Mirzayev, world martial arts champion. Rasul Mirzayev is the world ultimate fighting and sambo champion. Mirzayev returned to professional sport after a break just a few days ago. He took part in Russian Sambo Championship. The break in his career was related to the widely discussed criminal investigation against him. Mirzayev quarreled with 19-y.o. student Ivan Agafonov near one of Moscow's night clubs in 2011. Mirzayev punched Agafonov and the student fell to the pavement and got a head injury. He died in a hospital four days later without regaining consciousness. Mirzayev was placed under arrest and accused of reckless homicide. The fighter was released right after the conviction, because he had already served the prison term in pretrial jail. “We have just returned from Moscow,” Yerbulatov said. “As you know, our wrestler Yermek Tlauov won his fight at the traditional Battle of Moscow tournament. That was where we agreed on the final date of the fight. The fight will take place on March 31 as part of an international tournament where Kazakhstan wrestlers will stand against the strongest fighters of the world. The tournament will be timed to celebration of Nauryz holiday and Mirzayev vs Yestanov fight will be the main event of the show. Yerzhan was planning to fight Mirzayev several years ago, but the fight didn’t take place because of the criminal case. Question: Who else will fight on March 31? Answer: We are making a list of fighters and we’ll announce the names as soon as wrestlers confirm their participation. What I can tell you now is that we are negotiating with the best fighters of the world. We already know the participants of one more fight: Kazakhstan’s Aybek Sametayev will fight Russia’s Marif Pirayev. Pirayev came to Almaty last year and won over Shahvalat Yussubov then. Question: How is Yerzhan training for this fight? Answer: Mixed Martial Arts are not very developed in Kazakhstan and we lack training facilities such as those available in the United States. That’s why our fighters train in Turkey or in Thailand. Yerzhan departed for the United States with his teammate Kairat Akhmetov on February 25.
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