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20.04.2013 10:53 Crime
A trail of blood led to accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as he hid inside a boat after eluding one of the biggest manhunts ever staged in the United States.
19.04.2013 14:37 Crime
The FBI released pictures and video on Thursday of two men suspected of planting the Boston marathon bombs, appealing for help to identify the pair who were carrying large backpacks.
19.04.2013 14:14 Crime
Police captured one of the Boston marathon bombing suspects and were chasing a second in a wild, deadly manhunt near the US city early Friday.
18.04.2013 12:10 Emergencies
The deadly explosives detonated at the Boston Marathon were homemade devices full of nails and metal fragments, possibly packed into kitchen pressure cookers.
17.04.2013 13:59 People
Eight-year-old Martin Richard died near the Boston marathon's 26-mile marker -- the one dedicated to the young victims of the Newtown massacre.
17.04.2013 10:47 Internet
"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane condemned Tuesday a doctored online clip of the show depicting its star using a cellphone to trigger explosions at the Boston marathon.
16.04.2013 14:59 Emergencies
Kazakhstan citizen living in Boston told about the blasts. The student from Almaty was 3 minutes walk away from the accident site.
16.04.2013 09:43 Crime
Two explosions in Boston, Massachusetts, kill 3, injure at least 130. Federal authorities are classifying the bombings as a terrorist attack.
08.04.2013 10:34 Sport
All the funds raised during the event will be spent to support low-income sport-talented and handicapped children.
15.01.2013 11:16 Sport
Kazakhstan's Yevgeny Tetyukhin was ranked 9th among disabled athletes and showed the best result in his age group in Honolulu Marathon.
03.11.2012 14:45 Disasters
Bowing to mounting pressure, Mayor Michael Bloomberg canceled New York's annual marathon set for Sunday.
30.05.2012 18:10 Strange News
The first charitable marathon "Courage to be First" in support of the children with ICP was held in Almaty on May 27.
22.05.2012 16:19 Sport
Charitable marathon to support children with ICP (Infantile Cerebral Paralysis) will be held in Almaty on May 27, 2012.
26.04.2012 18:47 Crime
Gazelle Trophy marathon cycling race will be held in Almaty mountains on May Days.
09.01.2012 10:35 Sport
Lyubov Assanova from Temirtau, sportswoman and active participant of marathon races, was awarded with the Ambassador of Peace title
08.07.2011 17:59 People
The marathon is dedicated to the problem of water deficiency in Central Asian countries.
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