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15.10.2015 21:11 Military
Kazakhstan and Ukraine have signed an agreement on cooperation in aviation.
02.09.2015 21:18 Politics
Kazakhstan signed a memorandum on cooperation in manufacturing of cars with China.
25.06.2015 20:39 Environment
Construction of a hazardous waste recycling plant is planned in Pavlodar.
01.04.2015 02:56 Industry, Infrastructure
The largest automobile manufacturer in Kazakhstan - AZIA AVTO - is building a new plant in Ust-Kamenogorsk, which is sure to consolidate the company's position as the domestic market leader.
29.12.2014 11:54 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is expanding its car manufacturing industry, planning to increase yearly production to 190,000 cars by 2018.
15.10.2014 17:01 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan's first aircraft plant Sunkar has again failed on its promises. MVEN aircraft developer has filed a lawsuit.
25.09.2014 12:49 Markets
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will urge the bosses of some of the world's biggest manufacturers to set up shop in India.
25.08.2014 15:53 Companies
Zerde smartphone designed by Kazakhs from Urumqi, China may enter the international market.
11.08.2014 01:25 Companies
Nomad SUVs manufactured in Kazakhstan will be exported to the Russian market through SsangYong Motor Company.
11.08.2014 00:49 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakh-Chinese joint elevator plant has been unveiled in Astana, Kazakhstan's capital.
28.07.2014 14:27 Markets
Kazakhstani car manufacturers blame Uzbek cars for hindering the development of the local car production.
08.07.2014 19:09 Industry, Infrastructure
Scandalously closed Silicium Kazakhstan plant will be reopened by the end of this summer.
06.07.2014 13:34 Military
Kazakhstan is ready to partake in collaborative defense companies to manufacture weapon and military equipment in the country.
24.06.2014 00:27 Industry, Infrastructure
President Nursultan Nazarbayev has unveiled a new KazChrome ferroalloy plant in Aktobe.
17.06.2014 23:33 Industry, Infrastructure
Production of Toyota Fortuner offroaders has been kick-started in Kostanay, in northern Kazakhstan.
16.05.2014 02:17 Markets
Alstom Transport has signed a contract to supply 50 KZ8A freight locomotives produced in Astana-based Elektrovoz Kurastyru Zauitty to Azerbaijan Railways.
10.05.2014 12:35 Companies
Rakhat, a major Kazakhstani confectionary company, plans to expand into foreign markets.
27.04.2014 11:10 Unrest
A nearly two-week strike at a huge shoe factory in southern China appears to have ended after the Taiwan-backed company agreed to meet some of the workers' demands, including raising their living allowance and benefit payments.
16.03.2014 18:14 Industry, Infrastructure
Employees of the Ekibastuz-based PromMashKomplekt plant can lose their jobs.
12.03.2014 12:08 Industry, Infrastructure
In 2013 the company's output of rolling stock was worth $1.3 billion, 20 times of amount of 2008.
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