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Locust spreads at 2 million hectares in Kazakhstan 27 апреля 2012, 12:24

Locust is spreading at two million hectares in Kazakhstan this year: Saktash Khasenov.
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Locust is spreading at two million hectares of Kazakhstan territory this year. Chairman of the Committee for State Inspection in Agro-Industry (Agroprom) of the Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan Saktash Khasenov made this statement, Tengrinews.kz reports. "In 2012 National Center for Phytosanitary Diagnostics and Forecasts expects locusts to spread at the area of 1,977 thousand hectares (almost 2 million). In particular, calliptamus italicus is expected to spread at the area of 1,615.14 hectares, locusta migratoria - at 224.26 thousand hectares and Moroccan locust - at 137.97 thousand hectares," the Chairman of the committee said. According to the Chairman of Agroprom Committee, more than 919 million tenge ($6.3 million) has been allocated to fight the insects this year; 300 million tenge ($2 million) of which is going to be spent on insecticides and 650 million tenge ($4.4 million) will go on chemical disinfection of the territory. He pointed out that swarms of locust would be fully capable of flying on May 20-25 and preventative measures would finish on May 10-15, 2012. Also he underlined that no crops were lost to locust last year thanks to timely preventive measures. Spreading of locust at around one or two million hectares of land is normal for the territory of Kazakhstan. Khasenov paid special attention to South Kazakhstan Oblast where locust is especially gluttonous because of high air temperature. "It is expected that gregarious locust will spread the area of 142 thousand hectares with locusta migratoria covering 6.7 thaousand hectares and Moroccan locust spreading aat 135.57 thousand hectares in South Kazakhstan Oblast in 2012,” the Chairman of the Committee said. He added that on April 10 spraying machines and insecticides active against the locust species, were dispatched to South Kazakhstan Oblast.

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