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Bats could help fight mosquitos in Astana 10 июля 2013, 16:23

Kazakhstan naturalist Atygai Yesenkulov offered to supply bats to Astana city to help it harness the mosquito population.
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Photo courtesy of ferretfamily.net Photo courtesy of ferretfamily.net
Kazakhstan naturalist Atygai Yesenkulov has offered to supply bats to Astana city to help it harness the mosquito population, Express K reports. According to Yesenkulov, each bat is capable of consuming several hundred insects during one hour of hunting and up to thousand during the whole night of hunting. “There is a colony of bats (almost 1.5 million bats) in Austin, Texas in the United States. The city is also located on a river and it used to be terrorized by mosquitoes. But the problem was solved when bats chose the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge as their habitation place. It is now home to the world's largest urban population of Mexican free-tailed bats. They are hunting insects over the city's streets every night. It has been calculated that they consume 200 tons of mosquitoes a year. The insects no longer bother the citizens of Austin. A statue was erected in honor of the bats,” Yesenkulov said. Yesenkulov is now assembling wooden roosts on his attic for bats caught in Almaty. “My gift to Astana is just an idea. Residents of the southern capital (Almaty) have never thought that they owe bats so much for lack of insects. In order to get rid of insects in Astana we need a colony of 100 thousand bats. Perhaps, one of the capital's bridges could be equipped for their habitation,” Yesenkulov said.

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