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Nurly Zhol infrastructure project to strengthen EEU: Nazarbayev 25 декабря 2014, 18:34

President of Kazakhstan spoke about Nurly Zhol project during a nationwide teleconference dedicated to the Day of Industrialization.
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Photo © Kazinform Photo © Kazinform

President of Kazakhstan spoke about Nurly Zhol project during a nationwide teleconference dedicated to the Day of Industrialization, Tengrinews reports citing BNews.kz.

“Infrastructural project Nurly Zhol will be a great contribution to the strengthening of the Eurasian Economic Union. We will pass on this infrastructure to our descendants. They won’t have to work on creating new one like we do now. They will have opportunities to do other things,” Nazarbayev said.

The new economic strategy Nur Zholy, according to the Kazakh President, was developed as a perfect answer to global challenges.

Nazarbayev unveiled the project in November. He talked about the development of infrastructure as the bases of the new economic strategy Nurly Zhol. In involves construction of highways and adjacent infrastructure from Astana outwards to all the regions of the vast country.  

The 5-year plan coincides with the second half of the Program of Accelerated Industrial-Innovative Development. The program is focused on overcoming Kazakhstan's dependence on raw materials and developing its processing industries. It has already seen over 700 plants launched during the first 5-years phase. Over 100 foreign companies intend to be a part of the second phase of the state development program. Its overall investment portfolio is $32 billion. The state investments make up 15% of the total investment portfolio.

Besides helping Kazakhstan in the long run, the massive state programs create jobs. “The implementation of the infrastructure projects would increase the demand for building supplies and transportation, communication, energy and housing services,” President Nazarbayev said.

“I am sure that other countries will follow in our footsteps,” Nazarbayev concluded.

Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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