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The Best City goes to: Kazakhstan's most livable city 06 марта 2015, 18:15

What is the best city in Kazakhstan?
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Photo courtesy of unikaz.asia Photo courtesy of unikaz.asia

What is the best city in Kazakhstan? Almaty natives will rip your hearts out if you dare say it is not the City of Apples. Rest assured, there will be those who stand for Astana because of its new, at times futuristic, architecture and cleanness.

The specialists form the Kazakhstan 2050 nationwide movement asked the same question. 86 cities and towns of beautiful Kazakhstan have been considered, analyzed and rated. Things like infrastructure, schools, hospitals, the state of communication services, water quality, pollution levels, levels of salaries and pensions and many other things were taken into consideration.

Interestingly, neither Astana nor Almaty took the best city trophy. “When we analyzed our results we used per capita as the main indicator,” Dinara Khairikenov said.

The biggest cities of Kazakhstan have the newest, the biggest and the best, but that does not mean that every city dweller gets to experience the perks. There are just too many people in cities like Astana and Almaty for the available infrastructure, educational institutions, medical facilities and other essentials.

Taking all these things into consideration, the specialists named Atyrau, the harbor city of the Caspian Sea as the best city in Kazakhstan. “Certainly, Atyrau is not great in terms of all the indicators. Basically, the city is no as developed as Astana and Almaty. But, it is developed enough for its population and the location,” Khairikenov explained.

One of Kazakhstan’s largest oil cities, Atyrau is located in the delta of the Ural river. The city originated in the 1645 as a fort at the mouth of the Yaik River, or the Ural River as it is called today. The population of the city, according to the 2012 census, is over 160 thousand people.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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