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Kazakhstan among 5 countries testing 3rd generation artificial heart 11 февраля 2013, 21:34

The tests of efficiency and safety of 3rd generation cardiac ventricles implantation involve 5 hospitals in the world, including Astana National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center: Yuriy Pya.
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Kazakhstan is among the 5 countries that are testing the 3rd generation artificial heart, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan’s senior cardiac surgeon Yuriy Pya. “We have submitted the application for participation in the international program on testing of the 3rd generation cardiac ventricles implants and recently received a message from the United States confirming that we have been included into this program. The tests of efficiency and safety of their implantation involve 5 hospitals in the world, including Astana National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center,” the surgeon said at the briefing in Pavlodar cardiac surgery center. According to him, another four hospitals are in Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and France. “This is a know-how that will allow us to implant improved heart ventricles, i.e. portable assisted circulation devices, known as “artificial heart”, and thus prolong the lives and increase the waiting time of the patients requiring transplantation,” doctor Pya added. Yuriy Pya also talked about donorship problem in Kazakhstan. According to him, the legislation currently does not allow for use of hearts of dead patients without consent of their families. “Paradoxically, the problem is with doctors first of all. The doctors normally don’t have much enthusiasm about transplantation because of fear of some disputes or lawsuits from the relatives of the potential donor, i.e. nobody want to have problems. That’s why it is important to change the mentality of our doctors first and then we will be able to talk about the citizens in general. Of course, there are people whose relatives die and who can save those in need of a heart transplantation. We need a transplantation center that would be collecting the information from the hospitals with potential donors. This system is not working yet. I think that the main reason is that transplantation of donor hearts is not developed here yet,” he said. The first artificial heart transplantation was made in Kazakhstan in July 2012. The artificial heart was implanted to a 61-y.o. Astana citizen suffering from a heavy abnormity of the heart-vascular system.

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