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01.09.2016 13:20 Science, Technologies
Life on Earth is even older than we though - fossils dating back a staggering 3.7 billion years have been discovered.
09.09.2014 14:22 Science, Technologies
Almaty city in southern Kazakhstan should study active seismic faults to be better prepared for a new devastating earthquake that is "more likely to happen than not".
18.08.2014 11:05 Environment
A strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck western Iran on Monday, the US Geological survey which monitors quakes worldwide reported.
10.05.2014 14:44 Emergencies
A strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake shook southern Mexico and the nation's capital early Saturday, two days after a similar temblor rattled the country.
06.05.2014 12:04 Emergencies
An elderly woman died and 23 other people were injured after a strong earthquake shook northern Thailand, an official said Tuesday, as aftershocks continued to rattle the mountainous region popular with tourists.
24.04.2014 12:55 Emergencies
An earthquake measuring 6.6 struck late Wednesday off Canada's Vancouver island in the Pacific, the US Geological Survey said.
19.04.2014 13:15 Disasters
A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake rattled Mexico's capital and Pacific coast on Friday, shaking buildings, bringing down walls and prompting people to rush into the street.
19.04.2014 10:31 Environment
US geologists said Thursday they have uncovered a preglacial tundra landscape preserved for 2.7 million years far below the Greenland ice sheet.
11.02.2014 18:19 Science, Technologies
Something wiped out nearly all life on Earth more than 250 million years ago, and whatever unleashed this mass die-off acted much faster than previously thought.
03.02.2014 13:41 Disasters
A strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck near the Greek island of Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea early Monday, the the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported.
14.01.2014 10:00 Science, Technologies
Bulging in land that occurs before a volcano erupts points to how much ash will be spewed into the sky, providing a useful early warning for aviation.
06.01.2014 18:04 Science, Technologies
Geologists on Sunday reported insights into super-volcanoes, the brooding, enigmatic giants of Earth's crust whose eruptions are as catastrophic as they are rare.
12.11.2013 16:05 Laws, Initiatives
Around 40 contracts on subsurface use will be terminated in Kazakhstan by the end of the year.
08.11.2013 13:29 Markets
Up to now some core samples are send abroad as Kazakhstan is still facing shortage of duly certified laboratories that would meet the applicable international standards.
29.10.2013 16:05 Industry, Infrastructure
Implementation of Eurasia project of onshore and offshore exploration of deep horizons of the pre-Caspian basin will require $500 million.
08.10.2013 18:53 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan is planing to invest 164 billion tenge in geological exploration before 2019.
07.09.2013 10:24 Environment
Geologists on Thursday announced they had uncovered a stupendous volcano that is the biggest in the world and rivals the greatest in the Solar System.
08.05.2013 11:14 Science, Technologies
Brazilian geologists announced the discovery, 1,500 kilometers (900 miles) from Rio, of what could be part of the continent submerged when the Atlantic Ocean was formed.
28.02.2013 16:22 Environment
Kazakhstan researches are going to open 40 geological parks in Kazakhstan, where the Earth’s geological history can be traced visually.
24.07.2012 17:28 Politics
Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies talked about the measures to revive geological research to be taken until 2030.