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Kazakhstan mulls to restore geological research 24 июля 2012, 17:28

Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies talked about the measures to revive geological research to be taken until 2030.
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Kazakhstan will work on restoration of its geological sector. Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies talked about the measures to revive and develop geological exploration to be taken until 2030 at the government meeting, Tengrinews.kz reports. “We see the strategic goal of development of Kazakhstan’s geological sector until 2030 in forming up an effective state system of geological exploration of subsoil and replenishment of the mineral base to cover the economic needs of the country at the current stage and in the long-term perspective,” Issekeshev said. He explained that the current main goals of the geological sector development include: - improvement of the state system of the targeted planning of geological exploration works (regional, prospecting and evaluation works); - improvement of the regulatory background and a normative-technical basis to increase the investment attractiveness of implementation of innovative technologies; - development of mechanisms of state-private partnership by attraction of both world’s leading geological exploration, mining and oil-producing companies and junior companies; - development of geological infrastructure in the area of development and implementation of innovative technologies; - training and staffing support to the geological sector. According to the Minister, considering that the period between exploration and the beginning of production in the fields takes over 10 years, implementation of the Concept covers the period until 2030. The Ministry tentatively divided this period into several major stages. The period of 2013-2014 will include creation of modern infrastructure (establishment of KazGeology, support to private geological exploration companies, creation of a geological research company), development of regulatory and technical documents, implementation of international standards, training of experts and performance of the regional and large-scale prospecting works. The period of 2015-2019 will cover defining the perspective areas for commercial minerals discoveries and large scaled geological exploration works with the use of new technologies. The problem of supplying of the sector with qualified personnel will also be solved in this period. In 2020-2030 the plan is to perform prospecting and appraisal works, find new fields and calculate the reserves. Besides, regional and prospecting studies will be continued at new territories. “When the goals of this Concept are reached, the achieved results of the innovative modernization of the geological sector will give a big positive multiplicative effect as they will become a foundation for development of all the sectors of the economy. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are not asking for money for this Concept, as the financing will be reviewed during development and adjustment of the programs of every economy sector and the budget requests will be made according to the established procedure,” Issekeshev said.
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