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CIA chief 'outraged' by personal email hack CIA chief John Brennan said he was "outraged" that hackers broke into his personal email account, and faulted the media for its coverage of the incident.
28 октября 2015
WikiLeaks publishes CIA chief's emails Anti-secrecy campaign group WikiLeaks published an initial tranche of documents it said were from the personal email account of CIA Director John Brennan.
22 октября 2015
Facebook will warn users of state-sponsored attacks Facebook followed in Google's footsteps and began warning users when it appears they are targeted by state-sponsored cyber attacks.
20 октября 2015
Washington Post reporter's spy trial resumes in Iran The trial of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian resumed Monday in Tehran, in what could be the final hearing before a judgment is issued on whether he spied on Iran.
10 августа 2015
Germany's Spiegel weekly says it was spied on by US intelligence German news weekly Der Spiegel charged that it was spied on by US secret services and said it had filed a criminal complaint with the country's chief prosecutor.
04 июля 2015
Merkel defends cooperation with US spy agency German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted her country needed to work with American intelligence agencies, in the wake of claims Berlin helped the US spy on EU leaders and companies.
05 мая 2015
©Reuters/Ina Fassbender Germany kicks out top US intelligence officer in spy row Germany expelled the CIA station chief in Berlin over alleged spying by the United States which has refused to break its silence over the escalating row between the Western allies.
11 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Anger over reports German double-agent spied for US German authorities have arrested a suspected double-agent accused of spying for the US on a parliamentary panel investigating NSA surveillance, media reports said.
05 июля 2014
Snowden seeks asylum in sunny Brazil Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, wanted by US authorities and currently living in Russia, said in a TV interview Sunday that he has applied for asylum in Brazil.
02 июня 2014
Photo courtesy of N. Korea sentences S. Korean 'spy' to hard labour for life North Korea sentenced a South Korean missionary to hard labour for life after accusing him of espionage and setting up an underground church, state media said Saturday, the latest Christian preacher to run into trouble in the secretive state.
31 мая 2014
Edward Snowden. ©Reuters/Vincent Kessler Snowden says he wants to return to US Fugitive self-proclaimed spy Edward Snowden said Wednesday he wants to return home, as he defended his massive leak of US intelligence secrets, saying abuses of constitutional rights left him no choice.
29 мая 2014
China accuses US of 'hypocrisy' as hacking row escalates Beijing summoned the US ambassador and accused Washington of double standards Tuesday over its unprecedented indictment of five Chinese military officers for cyber-espionage.
20 мая 2014
Snowden the 'traitor' looms over Pulitzers Hero or traitor? America is still polarized over Edward Snowden and whether the newspapers that exposed the extent of NSA's vast global spying network should be lauded or condemned.
13 апреля 2014
Photo courtesy of New Israeli spy satellite enters orbit: defence ministry A new Israeli spy satellite entered orbit early Thursday, the defence ministry said, boosting the Jewish state's ability to monitor arch-foe Iran.
10 апреля 2014
Google CEO Larry Page. ©Reuters/Eduardo Munoz Google's Page says US online spying threatens democracy Google co-founder Larry Page condemned US government snooping on the Internet as a threat to democracy.
20 марта 2014
Robot Snowden promises more US spying revelations Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden emerged from his Russian exile Tuesday in the form of a remotely-controlled robot to promise more sensational revelations about US spying programs.
19 марта 2014
National Security Agency (NSA) Director General Keith Alexander. ©Reuters/Gary Cameron 'Free world' governments among worst for online spying: watchdog Shady agencies at the service of democratically elected governments are among the worst online spies in the world, media watchdog RSF said Wednesday, putting them on the same level as offenders in Iran, China and Saudi Arabia.
12 марта 2014
European IT firms seize opportunity from spy scandal European IT security firms have flocked to the world's biggest high-tech fair with hopes of benefiting from the fallout from shock revelations of mass US and British spying.
11 марта 2014
©Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch Under shadow of spy scandal, Merkel, Cameron head to tech fair The German and British leaders will officially open the world's biggest high-tech fair on Sunday, amid global debate about data security following revelations of mass US and British online snooping.
07 марта 2014
Senator Rand Paul sues Obama over NSA intel program US Senator Rand Paul filed suit against President Barack Obama and other officials in a bid to end the secret program that scoops up telephone data on virtually all Americans.
13 февраля 2014

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