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Atyrau oblast residents threatened by boiling underground gases 20 августа 2013, 18:57

Residents of Atyrau oblast are outraged at the abandoned well 800 meters from Zhanbai village that is blowing with boiling mixtures of underground gases.
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Resident of Atyrau oblast are outraged at the abandoned well 800 meters from Zhanbai village that is blowing with the boiling mixtures of underground gases, Ak Zhaiyk reports. The drilling works were performed in the area 6 years ago, but later the exploration works were suspended for an unknown reasons and the well was covered with soil and abandoned. The land is currently owned by the state. According to local residents, the drilled area became flooded with water and all the plants around it got boiled leaving the land barren. Later, on November 30, 2012, the well No.7 blew out and boiling mixtures of underground gases started appearing at the surface. “In the last several months we have been living in a constant fear for our small children and cattle who can accidentally wander into this swallow. We don’t know whether the gas carried by wind is hazardous, but its awful smell makes us shut the windows. Why have nobody still done anything to eliminate the consequences of the well blowout? There are people living very close nearby!” a local citizen said. The local citizens recently applied to the regional administration. Deputy Akim (Mayor) Madi Utegaliyev told them that the territory of the well was covered with sand and fenced, but that it was not possible to stop the gas blowing to the surfaces at that time. “The administration recently held a meeting to discuss ways for elimination of the accident. First of all, we have to prepare the cost estimates for the emergency-repair works and select a contractor. The work was assigned to Horyzon, GeoProject and PotentialOil companies. The management of PotentialOil requested additional funding from Moscow and as far as we know, the request was approved,” Utegaliyev said.

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