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©RIA Novosti Saxo Bank makes Kazakh tenge and oil forecasts Merely a relatively stable exchange rate is highly rewarding for holders of KZT because of the very high interest rate in Kazakhstan relative to the US dollar: John Hardy.
05 апреля 2016
©Tengrinews Inflation in Kazakhstan makes 13.6% in 2015 Statistics Committee of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan released official inflation rate data: 13.6% in 2015 in Kazakhstan.
05 января 2016
©Tengrinews Kazakhstan National Bank explains tenge depreciation and equilibrium rate Kazakh National Bank Governor Akishev talks about mechanisms behind depreciation of the tenge and central bank’s role in shaping Kazakhstan
28 декабря 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Inflation in Kazakhstan nears 13%, central bank admits Inflation in Kazakhstan reached 12.8% in the end of November. National Bank's Akishev names tenge depreciation the main driver.
28 декабря 2015
Oil price slump forces Azerbaijan to stop propping up currency Energy-rich Azerbaijan, whose economy has been hit hard by falling oil prices, withdrew support Monday for its embattled currency and the manat plunged by nearly a third against the dollar.
22 декабря 2015
© Kazakh tenge depreciation doesn't help exporters Kazakh tenge's depreciation has not helped the Kazakhtani producers to increase their export revenues, experts say.
15 октября 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Seven steps advised to Kazakhstan government after devaluation of national currency National Fund for Development of Financial Services presented a seven-step plan for Kazakh government to implement amid tenge depreciation.
08 сентября 2015
Head of Development Bank of Kazakhstan Bolat Zhamishev. Photo © RIA Novosti Devaluation necessary for restoration of Kazakh currency market: Bolat Zhamishev Chairman of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan Bolat Zhamishev about devaluation of the Kazakh tenge and outlook of Kazakhstan's economy.
08 сентября 2015
Photo © Turar Kazangapov Teachers to get 50% salary raise in 2016: Kazakhstan Minister of Education and Science Teachers’ salaries will be increased by 20-50% depending on the qualifications.
08 сентября 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Nazarbayev urges exporters to sell dollars at home After the devaluation of the Kazakh national currency tenge, Kazakhstan president asked exporters to sell dollars at the domestic market.
24 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of Making sense of Kazakhstan's decision to float tenge Kazakhstan tenge plunged to its record low after the country floated it, renouncing the set corridor and adopting inflation targeting.
21 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of Nazarbayev instructs National Bank to compensate tenge deposits President of Kazakhstan instructed the National Bank to initiate a mechanism of compensation for private fixed-term deposits in tenge.
21 августа 2015
©REUTERS New devaluation in Kazakhstan? Kazakhstani banks raise dollar-tenge exchange rate. People fear another devaluation of the currency. The Kazakh National Bank is silent.
19 августа 2015
©Yaroslav Radlovsky Experts comment on Kazakh National Bank expanding tenge-dollar pegged corridor Experts comment on the latest expansion of the tenge to dollar exchange rate pegged corridor in Kazakhstan.
16 июля 2015
Photo © Turar Kazangapov Nazarbayev dispels rumours of tenge devaluation President Nursultan Nazarbayev has dispelled the rumours about a forthcoming devaluation of the tenge in Kazakhstan.
29 апреля 2015
©Tengrinews Kazakh banks may benefit from tenge devaluation: experts Experts share their views on the possible implications of devaluation of the tenge for Kazakhstani banks.
24 марта 2015
Bakytzhan Sagintayev. Photo courtey of Kazakhstan officially denies intent to restrict Russian imports First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan has officially refuted the reports suggesting that the largest Central Asian economy was intending to ban or limit imports from Russia.
19 февраля 2015
© Plan to mitigate devaluation in Kazakhstan presented by Khudaibergenov, Ushbayev With the coming of February Kazakhstan's population and businesses were holding their breaths waiting for the National Bank's next move on the tenge. Is devaluation inevitable and how bad can it be? Kazakhstani experts Olzhas Khudaiberganov and Anuar Ushbayev say they have a plan.
12 февраля 2015
Olzhas Khudaibergenov, Director of the Center for Macroeconomic Research It will take 5-6 years for Kazakhstanis to stop quoting domestic prices in the US Dollar Olzhas Khudaibergenov, Director of the Center for Macroeconomic Research, outlined measures to reduce the currently excessive dollarization of the country’s economy.
29 января 2015
Kairat Kelimbetov © Kazakh National Bank Governor reiterates tenge stability Kairat Kelimbetov reassures the population of Kazakhstan of the stability of the tenge.
24 января 2015

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