child labor

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24.07.2014 17:55 Crime
The grim reality of Kazakhstan’s Centers for Adaptation of Underage startles with adults’ inhumanity and cruelty towards abused children.
03.06.2014 18:44 Crime
Peter Baruch, the British national detained in Kazakhstan's Uralsk on charges of corrupting minors, will face the court on June 10th.
02.04.2014 15:30 Crime
The case of the British national Peter Baruch charged with corrupting minors in Kazakhstan will be transferred to court in mid April.
27.02.2014 13:59 People
36 Kazakhstani orphans were adopted by South African and Kenyan nationals.
23.02.2014 18:55 People
The whereabouts of almost 700 Kazakhstanis adopted by foreign parents are unknown.
17.02.2014 21:36 Crime
The Criminal Appeals Board of Western Kazakhstan Oblast has dismissed a motion of Peter Baruch’s lawyer.
03.02.2014 15:56 Crime
A South Kazakhstani woman who sold her 4 children is pregnant again.
02.12.2013 18:38 Education
700 school children were skipping their classes at school because they were harvesting cotton in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
02.10.2013 10:55 Politics
The United States hailed "significant advancement" in 10 countries, mostly in Latin America and Asia, in combating the worst forms of child labor.
11.05.2011 12:49 Companies
Philip Morris International will exterminate child labor in its tobacco plantations in Kazakhstan.