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Screen caption from YouTube video Grim reality of Kazakhstani rehab centres for abused children The grim reality of Kazakhstan’s Centers for Adaptation of Underage startles with adults’ inhumanity and cruelty towards abused children.
24 июля 2014
Photo . ©uralskweek. Raul Uporov Baruch to face court on June 10 for corrupting minors in Kazakhstan Peter Baruch, the British national detained in Kazakhstan's Uralsk on charges of corrupting minors, will face the court on June 10th.
03 июня 2014
Peter Baruch. Photo  © Corruption of minors case trial to start in mid April The case of the British national Peter Baruch charged with corrupting minors in Kazakhstan will be transferred to court in mid April.
02 апреля 2014
Photo © Marat Abilov 120 adopted children 'drop off the grid' in Africa and Europe 36 Kazakhstani orphans were adopted by South African and Kenyan nationals.
27 февраля 2014
Photo © Marat Abilov No information on whereabouts of 700 adopted orphans: Kazakhstan The whereabouts of almost 700 Kazakhstanis adopted by foreign parents are unknown.
23 февраля 2014
Photo © No release on bail for British corruptor of minors in Kazakhstan The Criminal Appeals Board of Western Kazakhstan Oblast has dismissed a motion of Peter Baruch’s lawyer.
17 февраля 2014
7 y.o Kalipa was beaten and starved by her "foster" parents. Photo © Baby sales in South Kazakhstan: Starting from $200 A South Kazakhstani woman who sold her 4 children is pregnant again.
03 февраля 2014
Cotton. Photo ©REUTERS 700 children skip school to harvest cotton in southern Kazakhstan, principals fined 700 school children were skipping their classes at school because they were harvesting cotton in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
02 декабря 2013
US sees progress in global fight against child labor The United States hailed "significant advancement" in 10 countries, mostly in Latin America and Asia, in combating the worst forms of child labor.
02 октября 2013
Philip Morris to exterminate child labor in its Kazakhstan plantations Philip Morris International will exterminate child labor in its tobacco plantations in Kazakhstan.
11 мая 2011
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