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Philip Morris to exterminate child labor in its Kazakhstan plantations 11 мая 2011, 12:49

Philip Morris International will exterminate child labor in its tobacco plantations in Kazakhstan.
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Philip Morris International (PMI) said that it will exterminate child labor in its tobacco plantations in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the company's press-release. The decision was made after a recent report of Verité international non-government organization specializing in labor problems. The Verité report stated that working conditions of employees at tobacco plantations in Kazakhstan are unsatisfactory. The organization particularly pointed out the use of child labor and cases of forced work at the tobacco plantations. “We are satisfied with success in Kazakhstan,” said PMI representatives. “But Verité report shows that many problems still remain.” Having reviewed the report, PMI decided to eliminate all violations and developed an Agricultural Labor Code. As per the document, child labor can not be used in the company's plantations and the employees may not work overtime. The company undertakes to provide its employees with proper medical services and good wages, as well as comply with safety standards at the plantations and exterminate cases of discrimination.

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