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©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan confirms discovery of two offshore fields in Caspian Sea Two promising offshore fields discovered at the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan for the first time after Kashagan field.
14 марта 2013
©RIA Novosti Talks under way with new partners over Abai oil block Earlier the country’s media reported that Norway’s Statoil was leaving the project following the 7 years of failing talks to start production.
14 марта 2013 stock photo KazMunaiGas to develop Abay with new partner Oil and Gas Ministry has officially confirmed that KazMunaiGas national company will start developing Abay field with a new partner.
19 февраля 2013
©RIA Novosti Military helicopter falls in Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan Mi-17 helicopter owned by Azerbaijan Defense Ministry fell into the sea near Shikhovo village 250 meters from the shoreline.
11 февраля 2013
Kashagan oil and gas field. ©REUTERS Kazakhstan's Kashagan tagged world's most expensive energy project Kashagan's development in Kazakhstan has already absorbed $116 billion, which makes the project one of the most expensive discoveries of the last 40 years.
29 ноября 2012
Kashagan oil and gas field. ©REUTERS Sale of ConocoPhillips' stake in Kashagan to India is a 'red flag' for China Independent expert Olzhas Baidildinov of Kazakhstan has expressed his opinion on the news about ConocoPhillips intent to sell its stake in Kashagan to Indian ONGC.
28 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan and Indian workers fought for queue in tea-house on D Island at Kashagan Atyrau oblast prosecutors investigated into the details of a fight between workers on D Island at giant Kashagan oil field at the Caspian Sea.
09 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank"></a> Kazakhstan guards wounded two Russian citizens in Caspian waters Kazakhstan border guards have wounded two Russian citizens on board of two boats that entered Kazakhstan’s territorial waters of the Caspian Sea.
27 сентября 2012
South Korea President Lee Myung-bak. © Daniyal Okassov Kazakhstan and South Korea to jointly explore Zhambyl oilfield in Kazakhstan’s Caspian offshore The two sides will start constructing the gas processing and chemicals producing facility in Atyrau ahead of schedule
13 сентября 2012
Caspian Sea. ©RIA Novosti Caspian map requires time and money The final result that we want is a topographic map of the shelf and bottom of Kazakhstan sector in 1:25,000 scale: expert.
22 августа 2012
Naiza border boat. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan border service's motor boat staved in at Caspian Sea On June 27 Naiza border service boat staved in when navigating the waters the Caspian Sea: press-secretary.
02 июля 2012
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan floats its first Kazakhstan-made drilling rig KazMunaiGas, along with KNOC, completed manufacturing of a submersible drilling barge Caspian Explorer; it was officially floated on June 14.
18 июня 2012
Kashagan oil field. ©REUTERS Second and third phases of Kashagan development will start on time The second and third phases of the project will start on time and the profitability of the field time-wise is estimated until 2112: KazMunaiGas.
18 июня 2012
Helicopter attacking the sea craft that was hijacked by terrorists. Maneuvers. ©RIA Novosti Russian Navy and marines are ready to defend Caspian oil sites from terrorists A group of ships from Caspian navy was put to sea for training focused on defense of oil sites from terrorist attacks in late May.
13 июня 2012
We have no control over ecological situation at Caspian Sea: Kazakhstan Environmental Protection Minister We are more concerned over creation of a powerful monitoring system at the Caspian Sea, which we lack completely: Kazakhstan Minister.
12 июня 2012
Lukoil stationary oil platform at Caspian Sea. ©RIA Novosti LUKOIL wants to complete negotiations on Khvalynskoye field by year end Joint teams are working, the license has been obtained, so we hope that the negotiations process will be completed by the end of this year: LUKOIL President.
18 мая 2012
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan and South Korea sign an MoU to construct a Caspian shipyard The MoU was signed on the sidelines of the KADEX-2012 international weaponry exhibition in Astana by Kazakhstan Engineering and STX Offshore & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
04 мая 2012
Photo by Arman Mambetov© PHOTO: First Kazakhstan rocket ship floated out in Uralsk The first rocket-gunnery ship made by Zenit Uralsk plant has been floated out in Uralsk.
26 апреля 2012
Mi-8 helicopter. Photo courtesy of Mi-8 helicopter crashed at Kazakhstan shore of Caspian sea Mi-8 helicopter crashed in Atyrau oblas.
21 апреля 2012

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