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The Dictator banned 2 weeks after premiere in Kazakhstan 01 июня 2012, 19:02

The Dictator, a new movie starring scandalous Sacha Baron Cohen, known as Borat, has been banned from screens two weeks after its premiere in Kazakhstan.
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The Dictator, a new movie starring scandalous Sacha Noam Baron Cohen, known as Borat, has been banned from screens two weeks later its premiere in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing RIA Novosti. The Dictator disappeared from Kazakhstan movie schedule on June 1. A number of Almaty cinema theaters confirmed that the movie was taken off the schedule. Interfilm company that is the official distributor of the movie refused to comment the situation. Earlier Tajikistan authorities decided against letting The Dictator into the country's cinemas “because of the citizens' mentality”. The movie was released on May 17 in other Central Asian countries (except Turkmenistan). It is not the first time when Cohen’s movies don’t reach Kazakhstan audience. The movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan appeared in 2006 triggering a surge of outrage in the Kazakhstan society. The movie was banned in Kazakhstan and Russia. The Dictator is a comedy film directed by Larry Charles, who previously directed Baron Cohen's mockumentaries Borat and Brüno. Cohen, in the role of Admiral General Aladeen, a dictator from the fictional oil-rich country of the Republic of Wadiya, stars alongside Ben Kingsley and Anna Faris. This film is Sacha Baron Cohen's fourth feature film in a leading role, it is "the heroic story of a North African dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed", according to its distributor Paramount Pictures. The Dictator, dedicated to the memory of Kim Jong Il, has generally received mixed to positive reviews, with a consensus, "wildly uneven but consistently provocative, The Dictator is a decent entry in the poli-slapstick comedy genre," according to Rotten Tomatoes' review.

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