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07.11.2014 12:54 Cinema, Music
Animated film pioneer and original "Toy Story" creator John Lasseter is returning to make "Toy Story 4," Disney announced.
31.01.2014 11:48 Companies
Zynga announced Thursday it was buying mobile game and animation firm NaturalMotion for $527 million in a fresh reboot effort for the struggling social games pioneer.
13.01.2014 17:18 Cinema, Music
Disney's musical fairy tale adaptation "Frozen" won the Golden Globe for best animated film on Sunday, beating "The Croods" and "Despicable Me 2."
02.01.2014 13:05 Cinema, Music
Six movies has been dubbed into Kazakh language so far.
09.12.2013 14:49 Cinema, Music
Disney animated musical "Frozen" extinguished the box-office flames of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" to take top spot as the highest-earning movie in North American theaters this weekend, industry estimates showed Sunday.
29.11.2013 11:04 Cinema, Music
Disney has given a chilly makeover to a traditional fairy tale in its latest animated release "Frozen," which could be in the running for an Oscar.
28.09.2013 10:55 Cinema, Music
The world's longest-running cartoon is to go fully digital, its Japanese broadcaster said Friday, abandoning hand-drawn celluloid-based animation after a run of 44 years.
20.08.2013 14:28 Cinema, Music
French animators are enjoying global success, most recently with the blockbuster comedy "Despicable Me 2", US studio Universal's most profitable film ever.
08.08.2013 14:33 Cinema, Music
As a lifelong aviation enthusiast and qualified pilot, filmmaker Klay Hall was the logical choice when Disney was seeking a director for its latest animated offering, "Planes."
22.06.2013 13:08 Cinema, Music
Pixar sends its Monsters back to class this weekend with "Monsters University," the first time the animation giant has made a prequel to a member of its stable of hit franchises.
09.05.2013 13:04 Cinema, Music
Three boys and two girls from Baganashil orphanage dubbed the scene when little monsters arrive to the Monsters University.
10.09.2012 10:43 Science, Technologies
Yernar Kurmashev, a Computer Graphics Studio producer, told about the challenges they experienced when animating the movie and their future plans.
18.05.2012 17:27 Cinema, Music
Timur Bekmambetov’s Festival of Action Films Astana announced a contest of Kazakhstan superheros.