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It took Kazakhstan 3D-animators 3 months to make 1-minute scene in Book of Legends movie 10 сентября 2012, 10:43

Yernar Kurmashev, a Computer Graphics Studio producer, told about the challenges they experienced when animating the movie and their future plans.
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"Book of Legends" film frame. "Book of Legends" film frame.
It took Kazakhstan 3D-animators eight months to create computer graphics for the first Kazakhstan fantasy movie Book of Legends. Mysterious Wood, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Yernar Kurmashev, a Computer Graphics Studio producer and film’s executive producer in Kazakhstan. It took Kazakhstan visual effects experts three months to create one scene that lasts only one minute. This scene is a fight between two fairy tale characters – an eagle and a bear. “This is the most time-consuming scene of the film, its animation and characters are quiet sophisticated. It took a healthy lot of time - about three weeks - to render (process and visualize) the scene,” Kurmashev said. The expert added that his animators did all their best to make the characters as detailed as it was possible and they even added the details that common cinema-goers might not notice. For example, the animators specifically drew the characters’ fur. Kurmashev said that KCG Studios had purchased Motion Capture technology that can copy a person’s movements and transfer them to a computer double as it was done by James Cameron in Avatar movie. The experts are planning to apply this technology when they will start working on Kazakhstan animation project that will be filmed in the manner of Monster House and Ratatouille movies. It is not known yet when this new animation will hit Kazakhstan screens. “One of Hollywood studios is interested in the movie at present. This studio offered us to participate in the project and create visual effects for one big-budget movie, a fairy tale fantasy,” Kurmashev said. The details of this project are still being kept secret. Book of Legends. Mysterious Wood movie directed by Akhat Ibrayev will be released in November this year. The film is about two boys who are traveling through a fairy tale wood in search of their mother. By Dmitry Khegay
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