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More Hollywood characters to speak Kazakh 02 января 2014, 13:05

Six movies has been dubbed into Kazakh language so far.
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Stilframe from Cars 2 Stilframe from Cars 2
Six movies has been dubbed into Kazakh language so far, Tengrinews reports citing Meloman company. For the first time, Kazakhstani moviegoers heard their favorite characters speak Kazakh in Cars 2, Men in Black 3, Brave, The Amazing Spider-Man, Monster University and The Lone Ranger . Dubbing Hollywood movies into Kazakh started back in 2011 with Cars 2. The Disney/Pixar animation was the first dubbing experiment for the Kazakh market. The project became truly international. Experts from the USA, the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan worked together to make Lightening McQueen and his buddy Mater speak Kazakh. Dubbing was recorded at the Cinema Tone Production in Almaty and audio mixing was done at the Shepperton Studio in London. The Kazakh dubbing became the 39th language Cars 2 were dubbed into. The next character to speak Kazakh from the wide screen were Agent J and Agent K from the sci-fi comedy franchise The Men in Black. The Kazakh version hit the screens on May 24, 2012. A month later, another dubbed Disney/Pixar animation, Brave was released in Kazakhstani movie theaters. The approach to dubbing was a bit more creative this time with two Kazakh songs written specifically for the animation. The brave princess Merida sang with the voice of a popular Kazakhstani singer Makpal Isabekova. The last movie dubbed in 2012 was the new The Amazing Spider-Man that hit the theaters on July 5. In 2013 Monster University and The Lone Ranger were dubbed into Kazakh. The Disney/Pixar animation became the biggest dubbing project in Kazakhstan with over 200 characters. Along with the professional dubbing actors, foster children from the Orphanage #1 in Baganashyl participated in dubbing of the charming monster characters in Monster University . Kazakhstani were able to enjoy the animation starting from June 20th in all the movie theaters of the country. Disney’s Lone Ranger was the sixth movie dubbed into Kazakh with the help of the Kazakh language association Bolashak, MARWIN company and Samruk-Kazyna funding. 38 actors approved by the Disney studio participated in the project. As the 6 movies have marked the beginning of the Kazakh dubbing, the Bolashak Association, the charity fund Altyn Kyran and MARWIN company are preparing a surprise for the Kazakh avid moviegoers in 2014.

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