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'Shouldn't we move?' Ferry evacuation under scrutiny National shock at a ferry disaster that may have claimed the lives of hundreds of South Korean schoolchildren was mixed with fury Thursday at growing evidence that many passengers were denied a proper chance to escape the sinking vessel.
17 апреля 2014
U.S. actor Paul Walker. ©Reuters/Filipe Carvalho Dead star's brothers to finish 'Fast and Furious 7' Late "Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker's brothers will stand in for him to complete the seventh movie in the blockbuster franchise, after the actor's death, filmmakers said.
17 апреля 2014
At least 36 dead in Mexico bus crash: official A bus slammed into the back of a badly parked trailer-truck and burst into flames in Mexico Sunday, killing at least 36 people and injuring four others, authorities said.
14 апреля 2014
Ten dead in road accident in California A delivery truck ploughed into a bus carrying American students in northern California, killing ten people and injuring at least 30, the California Highway Patrol said.
12 апреля 2014
Lyceum School No.5 in Taldykorgan. © Wind-ripped roofing knocks 10 y.o. into coma in Taldykorgan A strong wind blew off parts of roofing from a school building in Taldykorgan and threw them at a 10-y.o. boy who was walking by leaving deep cuts in his belly.
11 апреля 2014
©REUTERS/Stephen M. Dowell One child dead, dozen hurt in US daycare center crash A dozen children were injured and a girl killed when a car slammed into a daycare center Wednesday in Florida after being struck by a hit-and-run driver, police said.
10 апреля 2014
©Reuters/Enrique Calvo  Cap, goggles found from Australian shark attack victim The swimming cap and goggles of a woman taken by a shark in Australia have been found along with a small amount of human remains, police said.
04 апреля 2014
©Reuters/Regis Duvignau China toddler started fire which killed 12: Xinhua Investigators in China have accused a three-year-old girl of playing with a cigarette lighter and starting a workshop fire which killed 12 people, state media reported.
03 апреля 2014
Photo courtesy of Woman killed by shark in Australia A woman was taken by a shark on Thursday while swimming with her husband in Australia, authorities said, in an attack which horrified fellow swimmers.
03 апреля 2014
© Drowning boy saved by pregnant woman A woman nine months pregnant has saved a boy from drowning in the icy waters of the Irtysh River.
01 апреля 2014
SCAT aircraft. Photo courtesy of Brake failure in Astana airport, aircraft smoking on runway Brake system has failed Scat's Boeing-757 during landing at Astana airport.
01 апреля 2014
Photo courtesy of Russian rocket lands near Kazakh village A Russian rocket has unexpectedly slumped near Shungay village in Bokeiorda region of West Kazakhstan Oblast.
28 марта 2014
Illustration© Nazarbayev on crime rates, urban planning and traffic in Almaty President Nazarbayev has discussed key aspects of development of Almaty.
28 марта 2014
©TengrinewsTV Truck with 40 cows flips over in Atyrau A horrible car accident happened near Atyrau in western Kazakhstan. The site resembled a battlefield even though no people were killed.
28 марта 2014
©STV Channel Car crashes into kiosk with woman sleeping inside A car accident involving a sleeping woman, drunk man, crashed car and ruined kiosk has happened in Almaty.
25 марта 2014
Police Sergeant Berik Tasybayev. © Drunk police officer kills two in car accident in Astana A Mercedes driving at an extremely high speed crashed into a BMW-7 in Astana killing two. A police patrol sergeant Berik Tasybaev was driving the Mercedes. He was drunk.
25 марта 2014
©Iskander Salikhojayev Crane, bus crash injures 15 in Astana A crane and a bus have crashed in Astana injuring 15.
18 марта 2014
Australian surfer injured as dolphin slams into him A surfer in Australia was airlifted to hospital Monday after a dolphin slammed into him as he was riding a wave at a remote beach.
17 марта 2014
The accident site. ©Ministry of Emergencies of Kazakhstan Investigation is over: MI-8 chopper crash in Almaty Oblast Investigation of the MI-823 helicopter crash in Almaty Oblast has been completed.
16 марта 2014
©Reuters/Jeff Kowalsky Recalled GM cars linked to 303 airbag-related deaths US safety regulators have tracked 303 deaths after airbags failed to properly deploy in vehicles recently recalled by General Motors.
14 марта 2014

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