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Crane, bus crash injures 15 in Astana 18 марта 2014, 15:20

A crane and a bus have crashed in Astana injuring 15.
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©Iskander Salikhojayev ©Iskander Salikhojayev
A crane and a bus have crashed in Astana, Tengrinews reports citing Bakhytzhan Altybayev, Senior Road Inspector of the Astana Interior Department. "The accident happened on a highway not far from Kosshy village at around 8:00 a.m. on March 17. A Kamaz crane was making a U-turn and crashed into a passenger bus No.6 and the bus then crashed into a minivan. The accident involved a total of 4 vehicles – the Kamaz crane, bus, minivan and an Audi car. There were more than 15 people in the passenger bus. 11 of them were delivered to the hospital with different injuries," Altybayev said. A total of 15 people were injured in the accident. Three of the injured were discharged from the hospital after a medical check. The accident is being investigated. According to the preliminary version, the crane driver is believed to be the one who caused the accident. He was making a left turn and was supposed to yield the right of way to the oncoming vehicles driving straight (the passenger bus in this case). 5 of the bus passengers delivered to the hospital are currently in intensive care wards, Ruslan Botayev, Head of the Orthopaedic Surgery and Polytrauma Department of the National Research Center of Emergency Medicine, told Tengrinews. "15 people were hospitalized on March 17 after the car accident. 13 patients were delivered by ambulance crews and 2 people arrived on their own. 5 people have been placed in intensive care wards due to the severity of their injury, 3 patients are in the trauma department and the remaining 6 patients have been tested, given medical recommendations and discharged for outpatient treatment," Botayev said. He added that there is a 7-y.o. kid among these injured in the crash. He was taken to the Municipal Children's Hospital #2. The doctor assured that the conditions of the patients put in intensive care is severe, but stable and not life threatening. "Most of got the closed cerebro-cranial traumas, brain concussion and closed injuries of locomotor apparatus. The condition is critical but stable," he explained. The crane driver was among those delivered to the trauma department. His condition was evaluated as moderately severe, the doctor said. Later it was reported that the driver reverted to his right to refuse a treatment and left the hospital. The drive himself declined to comment the accident. Reporting by Nazymgul Kumyspayeva and Altynai Zhumzhumina

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