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Frame from the shootage. Armed attack on currency exchange office in Astana An unknown man assaulted a currency exchange office in Astana on August 17. Police made an arrest the same day.
24 августа 2015
Huge blaze breaks out at steel plant near Tokyo's Haneda airport: official A huge blaze broke out Monday at steel plant near Tokyo's Haneda airport as television images showed plumes of thick black smoke and flames shooting up into the air.
24 августа 2015
Photo © Territoriya Proishestviy/STV Horrible road accident in Almaty, water carrier crushes pedestrians In a fatal road traffic accident in Kazakhstan's Almaty, a water carrier truck killed 2 and injured 7.
17 августа 2015
Families of Germanwings crash victims plan US lawsuit: report Relatives of victims of the Germanwings crash in the French Alps hope to take their compensation claims against parent company Lufthansa to a US court.
10 августа 2015
Accident sity. Still frame from video 18-y.o. girl from Kazakhstan killed in bus crash in Turkey 18-year-old girl from Kazakhstan Aida Sarabayeva was killed in a resent traffic accident on the road from Pamukkale to Antalya.
10 августа 2015
France hunts for more MH370 debris off Reunion island France launched a hunt for more wreckage from the ill-fated MH370 plane off Reunion island on Friday in a fresh effort to shed light on one of aviation's biggest mysteries.
08 августа 2015
Friends in shock over loss of Russian free diver Natalia Molchanova Russia's tight-knit free diving community has been left reeling by the tragic disappearance of Natalia Molchanova, who vanished last week during a dive.
08 августа 2015
French prosecutor says 'very high probability' wreckage from MH370 There is a "very high probability" that wreckage found on the Indian Ocean island of La Reunion comes from the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight MH37.
06 августа 2015
Russian EMERCOM staff at the site of an accident on the Khabarovsk - Komsomolsk-on-Amur highway. ©RIA Novosti At least 16 killed as two buses collide in Russia At least 16 people were killed and dozens injured when two buses crashed head-on in Russia's far eastern Khabarovsk region.
05 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of Ministry of Internal Affairs Freight train runs off the track in Aktobe Oblast, Kazakhstan 20 train wagons have run off the track in Aktobe Oblast, western Kazakhstan. 6 wagons caught fire.
05 августа 2015
Photo: Twitter / tubman89 Bin Laden relatives killed in UK plane crash Members of Osama Bin Laden's family were among the victims in the crash of a private jet in Britain.
01 августа 2015
Photo © Medet Medressov / Car lands on cafe roof in Uralsk In Kazakhstan's Uralsk, a Vaz 2110 car landed on the roof of a café during a police pursuit.
16 июля 2015
Photo courtesy of Talap Kapanov Hurricane in Ekibastuz tears off roof of apartment building, knocks down trees A powerful hurricane in Ekibazstuz has torn off a roof of a five-storey building and knocked down dozens of trees.
07 июля 2015
Death toll from Pakistan train accident rises to 17: army The death toll from a Pakistan rail accident has risen to 17, the army said Friday, the day after a special military train fell into a canal when a bridge partially collapsed.
03 июля 2015
Photo courtesy of witness. SCAT airplane catches fire in Aktau airport SCAT airplane has caught fire in the airport of Aktau city in western Kazakhstan.
18 июня 2015
An aerial view shows rescue workers searching on the sunken ship at Jianli section of Yangtze River, Hubei province, China on June 2, 2015 ©REUTERS Kazakh President expresses condolences in connection with China's Eastern Star ferry disaster President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev expresses his condolences to the Chinese people in connection to the deadly ship accident.
10 июня 2015
Hundreds still missing after China cruise ship sinks Rescuers pulled at least three people from the wreckage of a capsized Chinese cruise ship as fears mounted for the more than 400 people still missing.
03 июня 2015
Photo © Rosa Yessenkulova SUV crashes into kindergarten playground killing a 5 y.o. girl and injuring 8 children in Almaty Black Toyota Land Cruiser has crashed into a kindergarten playground killing a five-year-old child in Almaty’s Taugul 1 Mikroraion.
29 мая 2015
Photo courtesy of Aliya Medetova. 40m poplar tree topples on cars in Pavlodar Strong wind has knocked down a 40-meters poplar tree in Pavlodar city, smashing the cars parked nearby. Luckily no one was hurt.
29 мая 2015
Photo © Two-seat helicopter crashes in Kazakhstan A two-seat helicopter has crashed in Almaty Oblast near Taldykurgan in southern Kazakhstan.
27 мая 2015

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