28 марта 2014 12:49

Nazarbayev on crime rates, urban planning and traffic in Almaty


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President Nazarbayev has discussed key aspects of development of Almaty, Tengrinews reports citing the presidential website.

President Nazarbayev has discussed key aspects of development of Almaty, Tengrinews reports citing the presidential website.

During the meeting, the President focused his attention on the growing number of road traffic incidents in the city. Their number has tripled since last year.

"I want to stress that there are many road traffic incidents caused by children and relatives of influential people. But everyone is equal before the law. That it why they too have to be punished with all the severity of the law, same as everybody else," the President said.

Continuing about crime rate in Almaty, President said that 53 thousand crimes were registered in 2013 and only 20% of them were solved. Nazarbayev was also concerned with the growing crime rate among young people.

President Nazarbayev stressed the importance of developing Almaty city. "Almaty is the largest metropolis city in our country and its development has to go along with the development of Astana. It is exactly the kind of metropolis that stands as a hub of science, innovation and education. Almaty retains its leading role in the Kazakhstan economy, by the number of small and medium-sized businesses and in terms of urban planning," Nazarbayev said.

Speaking about urban planning and ecology, the President noted that the city's population kept growing. Almaty's official population had reached 1.5 million people. "The growing number of cars on the roads requires new traffic management solutions. In recent years a large number of interchanges roads that facilitate the traffic have been constructed. (...) Our main goal is to improve the quality of living of the populations," the President said.

"Almaty, a cradle of our Independence, takes a special place in all our programs. I consider Astana's emergence as Almaty's competitor to be a positive factor," Nazarbayev added.

Almaty Akim (Mayor) Akhmetzhan Yessimov also said that Almaty was growing rapidly, its industrial, transportation, trade and services sectors were developing.  "We continue constructing the subway and this year there will be 2 more new stations. In 2013 there were 6 new interchange roads put into use. At the moment there are three more interchange roads under construction and designs of another 4 interchanges are almost ready," he said.

"We are preparing to host the upcoming 2017 Universiade. Construction of an ice palace for 12 thousand sits, ice rink for 3 thousand sits and athlete village is starting this year," the Akim said.

Yessimov was positive that all these venues would be put in use in August 2016. Almaty's city council has filed an application to bid for hosting the Winter Olympics in 2022, the Mayor continued. "Thank's to the political stability and economic development our city has good chances to host the Olympic games," Yessimov concluded. 

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