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Drunk police officer kills two in car accident in Astana 25 марта 2014, 14:26

A Mercedes driving at an extremely high speed crashed into a BMW-7 in Astana killing two. A police patrol sergeant Berik Tasybaev was driving the Mercedes. He was drunk.
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Police Sergeant Berik Tasybayev. ©Tengrinews.kz Police Sergeant Berik Tasybayev. ©Tengrinews.kz
On November 23, 2013 at 5 a.m., a Mercedes driving at an extremely high speed crashed into a BMW-7 on the crossing of Seifullin street and Republic avenue in Astana. A police patrol sergeant Berik Tasybaev was driving the Mercedes. Another policeman was driving the BMW-7. As a result both, the passenger and the policemen driving the BMW, died. A video from a surveillance camera shows that the Mercedes was racing with another car which resulted in over-speeding. The Head of the DIA press office Sofya Kylyshbekova gave details of the unfortunate case to a TengrinewsTV reporter. Ms. Kylyshbekova confirmed the involvement of a police patrol sergeant Berik Tasybaev from the Astana DIA. Sobriety test revealed that Mr. Tasybayev, who was driving the racing Mercedes was under the influence of alcohol during the car accident. He had been working in the Traffic Police since December of 2012, but was off duty when he made the tragic accident. After the accident he was fired from the police for discrediting the law enforcement forces. The criminal case over the deadly car accident that claimed the lives of two people in Astana is already being heard by the court. The hearings started on March 4, 2014. The criminal case against Mr. Tasybayev is over Traffic violation and reckless driving that lead to the death of two or more people (Article 296 part 3 of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan). The former policeman is now facing from 5 to 10 years in prison. According to the the witness, Nurlan Kapkeyev, also a police sergeant, who was driving in a police car behind the unlucky BMW Sergeant, Tasybayev went through a red light at a very high speed. "It all happened in front of my very eyes. I was shocked. It was all a matter of split seconds. I didn’t realized where that car came from. But the sparks from the collision were very bright like a flash of fireworks. I didn’t notice that there was that second car that nearly hit me. When I watched the surveillance camera video afterwards I saw that there was the second car racing after the first one," Sergeant Kapkeyev said. "At the time of the accident I only saw the BMW in the middle of the street with half of it gone. Engine and everything it was all scattered around. I didn’t see my colleagues get out of the car. I found them lying near a nearby bench. The driver of the MBW was lying unconscious. He was sprawled on the ground and it was pretty obvious that he was dead," he said. The BMW driver Baurzhan Yusupov did not die instantly. He was taken to a hospital with a brain injury and died several hours later in the hospital. Baurzhan Yusupov and his partner officer Yerdeshev and Sergeant Kapkeyev were on duty that day, and were taking a drunk driver to the police department for a sobriety test. Yerden Ramazan who was caught by the police officers driving the BMW under the influence of alcohol was driving his friend's car after having 2 beers, according to the testimony of the owner of the car in court. The two policemen were accompanying him to the police department when they met with the tragic accident - Baurzhan Yusufov was driving the BMW instead of the drunk driver, and Sergeant Kapkeyev was tailing them in a police car. Two out of the three men who were in the BMW - Baurzhan Yusupov and Yerden Ramazan - were killed. And officer Yerdeshev, Baurzhan Yusupov's partner, was injured. After recovering Officer Yerdeshev said in one of the court hearings that he had no claims against officer Tasybayev. The police managed to identify the man who was the second racer speeding after the Mercedes-Benz. The 23-y.o. Astana resident who worked in one of the city's medical centers. Since he didn't kill or injure anyone, he was fined for violating traffic rules and his driving license was revoked for 6 month. Sergeant Tasybayev who caused the accident confused his crime and ask the family of the fellow police officer who was killed in the accident to forgive him. "I am deeply sorry that I took your son, your grandson. I am asking you to forgive me if you can. I profoundly regret what I’ve done. I don’t think I deserve to continue living after what I’ve done. And I deeply apologize to my colleagues, too. Please forgive me if you can," he said. Family of Baurzhan Yusupov did not welcome his apologies, however. He apologised only 40 days after the accident, even though he knew it perfectly well that he widowed a 19 y.o. women and left a baby fatherless.
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