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30.05.2016 11:33 People
A Polish grandfather left New York Sunday on his third solo trans-Atlantic crossing in a kayak, aiming to arrive in Portugal in time to celebrate his 70th birthday on firm ground in September.
16.11.2015 14:34 Politics
Former Polish leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa slammed plans by his country's incoming government to stop welcoming refugees.
12.11.2015 13:37 Unrest
Tens of thousands of protesters poured into Warsaw's streets for a demonstration organised by the far-right, marching under the slogan "Poland for the Polish" and burning an EU flag.
11.11.2015 13:25 Disasters
Poland is prepared to take Russia to court over what it sees as foot-dragging in the investigation of the 2010 air crash in which then president Lech Kaczynskidied.
28.10.2015 13:11 Politics
The resounding victory of Poland's conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party in general election has given a boost to European eurosceptics.
10.09.2015 11:36 Politics
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk warned that any attempt to hold "unlawful" elections in rebel-run areas in the country's east would constitute a breach of a February peace deal.
19.06.2015 13:08 Military
NATO flexed its muscles in Poland during the first full drill of its new spearhead force, a structure designed to boost security on its eastern flank.
18.06.2015 12:09 Military
NATO head Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday the alliance was implementing its biggest defence reinforcement since the Cold War.
18.06.2015 11:40 Cinema, Music
Filming is underway in Poland on a new biopic about the life of Marie Sklodowska-Curie, the first woman ever to win not one, but two, Nobel prizes.
31.05.2015 01:29 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated the winner of the presidential elections in Poland Andrzej Duda.
26.05.2015 12:05 Politics
Polish voters have opted for change and chosen the conservative and relatively unknown lawyer Andrzej Duda as their next president, spelling a possible return to power of his eurosceptic mentor.
25.05.2015 13:41 Politics
Andrzej Duda, the 43-year-old conservative MEP and lawyer who won Poland's cliffhanger presidential election on Sunday, has strong ties to the powerful Kaczynski twins.
11.05.2015 15:52 Politics
Conservative opposition challenger Andrzej Duda pulled off a surprise first-round lead in Poland's presidential ballot.
28.04.2015 22:32 Art, Books
Writer Yuriy Serebryanskiy has become the winner of the Russian Award for the second time.
25.04.2015 12:35 Politics
Poland said it had denied entry to a Russian biker gang backed by the Kremlin that plans to ride through Europe to celebrate the Soviet Union's role in the World War II victory.
11.04.2015 10:57 Disasters
Poles marked the fifth anniversary of the deadly plane crash in Russia that killed then president Lech Kaczynski and 95 officials.
01.04.2015 00:00 Sport
The Astana Arlans defeat Raffako Hussars 5:0.
03.03.2015 17:41 Politics
A Kazakh native turned Polish human rights advocate shares her presidential ambitions.
23.02.2015 14:52 Cinema, Music
Poland's "Ida," about a young nun who discovers a dark family secret dating back to the years of the Nazi occupation, won the best foreign language movie Oscar.
05.02.2015 01:41 Sport
Kazakhstan has returned its second place at the 17th Winter Universiade overall medal count.
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